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Become a Tensilica Power User in Munich

Attend the Tensilica Processors and Automotive Tracks at CDNLive EMEA in Munich

Learn about:

  • About embedding convolutional neural networks (CNN) in real products
  • How low bandwidth WiFi "ah" is implemented on the Fusion F1 DSP
  • How to see through the visual fog
  • How to implement FMCW radar on a real-time DSP for use in automotive applications
  • How advanced microphone algorithms map to the HiFi DSP
  • How to reduce develoment time for audio and speech systems
  • How the audio system is integrated into the Renesas R-Car SoC
  • How Tensilica processors easily help you differentiate your products
  • About implementing cross-clock domain communication using FIFOs

Stop by the Designer Expo for a demonstration of a Tensilica DSP.

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Tensilica Agenda

Company Name Paper Title

Track: Tensilica Processors
Tuesday May 3

Cadence Steve Williams HW/SW Co-Design to Accelerate Critical Algorithms Such As Hashed Linked List Traversal
Cadence Raul Casas Implementation of FMCW Radar Signal Processing on embedded real time DSPs
Cadence Peter Hober Cross-Clock Domain Communication Using Xtensa TIE Queues and ChipWare FIFOs
Dresden University of Technology Sebastian Haas An MPSoC with Customized Xtensa Processors for Data-Intensive Applications in 28nm CMOS
Cogent Embedded Kostya Kozhevnikov Audio System Integration with Renesas R-Car SoC
Cadence Raul Casas  Implementation of IEEE 802.11.ah Wi-Fi PHY based on the Fusion F1
Uurmi Swarup Medasani Defogging Visual Imagery

Track: Automotive Solutions

Monday May 2

DSP Concepts Paul Beckmann Advanced Microphone Processing Algorithms on the HiFi Core
Arkamys Ivan Bourmeyster How to Speed up Design and Development of Audio and Speech Systems Through Modular Architecture?
Cadence Raul Casas Is a bigger Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) better?!
Methods2Business Dejan Dumic Xtensa®-based Wi-Fi HaLow™ MAC and Baseband Subsystem for Upcoming IEEE 802.11ah Standard

Tuesday May 3

Cadence Gary Dick ADAS Vision SDK & Demo Development using Palladium and Cadence IP
Adenauer Soundworks & SPL Electronics Michael Adenauer Enabling Speech & Audio Enhancement on Cost Constrained Infotainment Systems


Use Promo Code cdnlive16nrtensilicaip for the special discounted rate of €72.50 for Tensilica track attendees