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Audio Weaver

Audio Weaver from DSP Concepts is an innovative graphical design environment for developing optimized embedded audio software. Development teams can create applications that realize their desired sound quality up to 10X faster than traditional development approaches by allowing developers to work in parallel at different stages of the development cycle and by re-using pre-built, highly optimized audio processing modules.


Audio Weaver embodies years of audio product development experience and is used by several leading audio technology companies today. It enables algorithm and product developers to more quickly and efficiently develop products and technology. It is a complete tool, remaining suitable for the entire lifecycle of an algorithm, from basic research, to optimization and productization, integration into end products, and ongoing legacy support.

Key Features

  • Graphically program Tensilica HiFi Audio DSP
  • Tune applications in real-time
  • Easily integrate and evaluate 3rd party IP
  • Profile MIPs and memory requirements
  • Integrate with Matlab using advanced features


  • One tool for all stages of audio development
  • Up to 10X reduction in development times
  • Greatly reduced development risk
  • Supports Agile development process
  • Significant cost savings