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Morpho’s MovieSolid and Morpho Video WDR Now Available on Cadence Tensilica Imaging/Vision DSPs

SAN JOSE, Calif., November 11, 2015—Cadence Design Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CDNS) and Morpho, Inc. (TSE Mothers: 3653) today announced that Morpho’s MovieSolid® and Morpho Video WDR are now available on the Cadence® Tensilica® Vision P5 digital signal processor (DSP). Ported by vision industry experts at Morpho, these products make it much easier for designers to offer applications with advanced stabilization and image-correction capabilities with lower power consumption.

MovieSolid is an embedded software program for stabilizing videos. It utilizes SOFTGYRO® for detecting motions accurately between consecutive image frames and correcting them in up to six degrees of freedom including pitch, yaw, back/forth and rolling in different directions. MovieSolid can also correct geometric distortions, which can be caused by complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) sensors. Coupled with an accelerometer and a GYRO sensor, MovieSolid can obtain better stabilization with less computational resources and lower power consumption. Morpho Video WDR is an embedded software program for correcting the dynamic range of colors and adjusting the brightness of an image. This software can estimate the dynamic range of colors from a single image, apply a local tone mapping over the entire image and globally correct the brightness from the estimated dynamic range of colors using two different modes as predefined parameter settings. These settings are natural (close to human perception of colors) and artistic (more dramatic effects). To learn more about Morpho’s products/technologies, visit http://www.morphoinc.com/en/.

The Tensilica Vision P5 DSP was designed for the complex algorithms in imaging, video and computer vision applications including innovative multi-frame image capture, video pre- and post-processing, object and face recognition, low-light enhancement and many other complex tasks. For more information, visit http://www.cadence.com/news/Morpho.

"As a leading company in the field of image-processing technologies, Morpho is partnering with Cadence to maximize the capabilities of mobile platforms," said Masayuki Urushiyama, executive vice president of Global Sales and Marketing of Morpho. “With our collaboration on video stabilization and wide dynamic range technologies optimized for the Tensilica Vision P5 DSP, we look forward to taking the user experience with cameras on mobile devices to the next level."

About Cadence
Cadence enables global electronic design innovation and plays an essential role in the creation of today’s integrated circuits and electronics. Customers use Cadence software, hardware, IP and services to design and verify advanced semiconductors, consumer electronics, networking and telecommunications equipment, and computer systems. The company is headquartered in San Jose,Calif., with sales offices, design centers and research facilities around the world to serve the global electronics industry. More information about the company, its products and its services is available at http://www.cadence.com.

About Morpho

Established in 2004, Morpho, Inc. has built substantial brand recognition in the field of software image processing for mobile devices. Customers utilizing Morpho, Inc.’s software technologies include carriers, processing platform providers and mobile device manufacturers making the company a global player in mobile imaging. For more information, visit http://www.morphoinc.com/en/ or contact m-press@morphoinc.com.



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