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Itseez Open CV Library Now Available on Cadence Tensilica Image/Vision DSPs

SAN JOSE, Calif., July 13, 2015—Cadence Design Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CDNS) today announced that the Itseez OpenCV library of computer vision acceleration algorithms is now available on the Cadence® Tensilica® image/video digital signal processors (DSPs). The OpenCV software suite was ported by vision industry experts at Itseez and optimized by Cadence to make it much easier for designers to accelerate their compute-intensive vision processing applications.

The OpenCV library is well known for its advanced image processing, contour processing, computational geometry, various feature detectors and descriptors, object tracking, optical flow, camera calibration and machine learning tools. For more information on OpenCV, visit http://itseez.com/OpenCV/.

The Tensilica IVP DSP was designed for the complex algorithms in imaging, video and computer vision applications including innovative multi-frame image capture, video pre- and post-processing, object and face recognition, low-light enhancement and many other complex tasks. More information is available at http://ip.cadence.com/ipportfolio/tensilica-ip/image-video-processing.

“Real-time vision processing is very complex because it must be optimized to use the lowest power while always on,” stated Chris Rowen, chief technology officer for the IP Group at Cadence. “By porting and optimizing these libraries for our architecture, we are making it much easier and efficient to use the Tensilica IVP DSP.”

"Itseez has more than 10 years experience making OpenCV run fast on desktop and embedded systems," stated Victor Erukhimov, Itseez CEO and the chair of the OpenVX working group. “The Tensilica IVP DSP, with its many hardware optimizations for imaging, provides very impressive implementations of the OpenCV functions. It allows an embedded application to offload computer vision computations from a CPU to a DSP and be more efficient."

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