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Partner Release - HDSX - High Definition Sound Expansion Now Licensable on Tensilica HiFi DSP Cores from Cadence

At CES 2014 in Las Vegas, Kronoton successfully demonstrated their patented stereo sound expansion process on HiFi DSP

Hamburg/San José – Kronoton announced that the HDSX® software is now available for the Cadence® Tensilica® HiFi Audio DSP intellectual property (IP) cores. The solution was demonstrated at the International CES 2014 and redefines the spatiality of stereo sound. HDSX® expands the sound – independent of the playback device or audio format – in a fully automated manner. It can also be used in a parallel basis in order to enhance the sound of the matrix surround decoders from as many channels as desired.

Gunnar Kron, managing partner at Kronoton, said: “HDSX® is the answer to the great demand for stereo sound field expansion. We are delighted to become a HiFi audio of Cadence® partner, bringing HDSX® to the most popular and widely licensed audio DSP core.”

Larry Przywara, director of audio/voice IP marketing at Cadence®, adds: “We are observing an increasing demand among our customers for audio solutions that greatly open up the dimensions of the sound field – particularly for small speaker systems in portable consumer devices. The HiFi audio/voice DSPs provide a great platform for HDSX® and can offload the complete audio function from the host processor. We are pleased to add HDSX® software to our library of our 125 software products ported to the popular HiFi architecture.”

With HDSX®, the stereo sound field is significantly expanded. This results in more space for each piece of audio content and thus, the audio content can be heard more clearly – without any artificial effects. 

About Kronoton:

The Kronoton GmbH is a German company founded by Gunnar Kron and Wilfried Sorge in March 2011. The company is specializing in the development and worldwide marketing of innovative audio technologies. HDSX® – High Definition Sound Expansion, a patented sound-expansion process, is the company’s first product.

HDSX® redefines the spatiality of stereo sound. It opens the sound space and lets the listener dive into the dynamic and multidimensional complexity of listening, independent of any playback devices or audio formats. The system can easily be implemented on all stationary or mobile terminal devices.

HDSX® can already be licensed on chips made by Analog Devices and, beginning in January 2014, also by NXP Semiconductors and Cadence.

The Kronoton GmbH is a member of the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA).