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Optimized Port of micro-T-Kernel RTOS Now Available for Tensilica’s DPUs

YOKAHAMA, Japan – September 4, 2012 –Tensilica, Inc. and Ubiquitous Computing Technology Corp. (UC Technology) today announced that an optimized port of the µT-Kernel RTOS (real-time operating system) is now supported on Tensilica’s DPUs (dataplane processing units). µT-Kernel is ideal for embedded systems that require a very efficient, compact, and flexible RTOS. It provides excellent real-time performance with a small memory footprint. More information is available at the T-Engine Forum, http://www.t-engine.org/.

“We have been very impressed with how efficiently our optimized port of µT-Kernel runs on the Tensilica DPUs,” stated Tatsushi Morokuma, President, UC Technology. “This will be a perfect solution for many embedded applications.”

“We’ve supported the ITRON RTOS for many years. Now, through our partner UC Technology, we’re offering an optimized µT-Kernel port for our customers who want a very small, efficient RTOS,” stated Chris Jones, Tensilica’s director of Product Marketing. “We already have one customer who is using µT-Kernel for car infotainment systems and mobile phone applicationsand expect to have several more.”

UC Technology’s optimized version of µT-Kernel is available now. It can be used with most of Tensilica’s DPUs, including the popular HiFi Audio DSPs (digital signal processors), the ConnX family of baseband DSPs, and the Xtensa® customizable processors. To purchase, or for more details, please contact UC Technology at www.uctec.com, +81-3-5437-2323.

About UC Technology

Ubiquitous Computing Technology Corp. (UC Technology) offers solutions for the IoT (Internet of Things) and the machine-to-machine field, applying the most advanced ubiquitous computing technology. The company also provides various technologies applicable to a wide range of applications from embedded systems to system integration and content production. Visit www.uctec.com.

About Tensilica

Tensilica, Inc. is the leader in customizable dataplane processor IP cores. Dataplane Processor Units (DPUs) combine the best capabilities of CPUs and DSPs while delivering 10 to 100x the performance because they can be customized using Tensilica’s automated design tools to meet specific signal processing performance targets. Tensilica’s DPUs  power SOC designs at system OEMs and six out of the top 10 semiconductor companies for products including mobile phones, consumer electronics devices (including digital TV, Blu-ray Disc players, broadband set top boxes, digital still cameras and portable media players), computers, and storage, networking and communications equipment. For more information on Tensilica’s patented, benchmark-proven DPUs visit www.tensilica.com.

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