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Tensilica First IP DSP Core Supplier to Offer DTS Broadcast and DTS DMP Support

SANTA CLARA and MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.-- April 26, 2011-Tensilica, Inc. today announced that it is the first audio IP (intellectual property) core supplier to be awarded DTS Broadcast and DTS DMP (Digital Media Player) certification. The certification, achieved using fully optimized software implementation on Tensilica's  HiFi 2 and HiFi EP Audio DSP (digital signal processor) IP cores, provides developers of SOCs (system on chips) with a proven solution that reduces the time to market for new, fully compliant designs. Tensilica was also the first IP core supplier to be certified for DTS-HD Master Audio in September of 2009.

Tensilica is the number one supplier of audio IP cores with significant design wins in home entertainment systems that integrate DTS' outstanding audio technology and in smartphones for audio and voice codecs and pre-and post-processing. The HiFi Audio DSP is designed into some of the most advanced, innovative consumer devices including HDTVs, smartphones, home entertainment receivers, digital set-top boxes (STBs), digital/HD radios, and Blu-ray Disc players. The HiFi Audio DSP's industry leading performance is unequalled by any other IP core providers. For example, even the most challenging Blu-ray Disc use-cases, where DTS-HD Master Audio is processed by a single Tensilica core, there remains room to spare for significant audio pre/post processing. Additionally, there's room to spare in audio subsystems with significant memory latency.

Tensilica is notably the only IP core vendor to be certified by DTS based upon highly accurate, pipeline-modeled instruction set simulation models of the HiFi Audio DSPs.  This certification methodology allows Tensilica licensees, who subsequently submit their completed SOC designs to DTS for chip-level certification, to shave weeks or months off the certification cycle.

"Tensilica's highly efficient HiFi Audio DSP combined with DTS Broadcast and DMP products will quickly enable development of next generation digital televisions, STBs and digital media players," stated Brian Towne, executive vice president and chief operating officer at DTS. "Furthermore, consumers buying these devices will benefit from superior quality audio, providing a richer, more meaningful entertainment experience."

"DTS continues to bring outstanding high-quality audio software to home entertainment and portable devices," stated Jack Guedj, president and CEO at Tensilica. "Tensilica's long term relationship with DTS ensures that we can quickly bring this capability to market, enabling new product development with the most efficient power and smaller silicon area."

The DMP package allows decoding of popular DTS content by creating a stereo mix-down and provides a DTS 5.1 digital bit-stream to external home theater systems.  The DTS broadcast package incorporates all the functionality of the DMP package and extends this to target DTS 5.1 core content delivered over traditional cable, satellite, terrestrial and IP networks. It also supports infrastructures such as Video-on-Demand, IPTV and managed networks.  The certified packages, when implemented in a product, ensure consumers have access to the highest quality audio experience that only DTS can deliver.

About Tensilica

Tensilica, Inc. is the leader in customizable dataplane processor IP cores. Dataplane Processor Units (DPUs) combine the best capabilities of DSP and CPU while delivering 10 to100x the performance because they can be optimized using Tensilica's automated design tools to meet specific signal processing performance targets. Tensilica's DPUs  power SOC designs at system OEMs and six out of the top 10 semiconductor companies for products including mobile phones, consumer electronics devices (including digital TV, Blu-ray Disc players, broadband set top boxes, digital still cameras and portable media players), computers, and storage, networking, wireless base station and communications equipment. For more information on Tensilica's patented, benchmark-proven DPUs visit www.tensilica.com.

About DTS, Inc.

DTS, Inc. (Nasdaq: DTSI) is dedicated to making digital entertainment exciting, engaging and effortless by providing state-of-the-art audio technology to hundreds of millions of DTS-licensed consumer electronics products worldwide. From a renowned legacy as a pioneer in multi-channel audio, DTS became a mandatory audio format in the Blu-ray Disc standard and is now increasingly deployed in enabling digital delivery of movies and other forms of digital entertainment on a growing array of network-connected consumer devices. DTS technology is in home theaters, car audio systems, PCs, game consoles, DVD players, televisions, digital media players, set-top boxes, smart phones, surround music software and every device capable of playing Blu-ray discs. Founded in 1993, DTS' corporate headquarters are located in Calabasas, California with its licensing operations headquartered in Limerick, Ireland. DTS also has offices in Northern California, Washington, China, France, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the United Kingdom. For further information, please visit www.dts.com. DTS is a registered trademark of DTS, Inc. All other trademarks are the properties of their respective owners. (c) 2010 DTS, Inc. All rights reserved.

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  • Tensilica's announced licensees include:  Afa Technologies, ALPS,  Aquantia, Astute Networks, Atheros, AMD (ATI), Avision, Bay Microsystems, Brocade, Broadcom, Chelsio, Cisco Systems, CMC Microsystems, Conexant Systems, Design Art Networks, EE Solutions, Epson, Fujitsu Ltd., Fujitsu Microelectronics, iBiquity Digital, Ikanos Communications, Intel, Juniper Networks, LG Electronics, Lucid Information Technology, Marvell,  Maxim, NEC Corporation, Nethra Imaging, Novatek, NuFront, Olympus Optical Co. Ltd.,  Panasonic Mobile, Plato Networks, PnpNetwork Technologies, PowerLayer Microsystems, QLogic, Samsung, SiBEAM, Sony, Stretch, TranSwitch Corporation, Triductor Technology, Valens Semiconductor, Validity Sensors, Victor Company of Japan (JVC), and Sirius XM Radio.