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IntegrIT Joins Tensilica’s Xtensions Partner Network for DSP Software Services

IntegrIT to Provide Nature DSP Signal+ Libraries for Tensilica's ConnX DSP Family

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - March 24, 2010 - Tensilica, Inc. today announced that IntegrIT DSP Design House, a leading supplier of DSP (digital signal processing) software solutions, has joined Tensilica's Xtensions partner network to provide vital software components, including the high-performance Nature DSP Signal+ library, for the ConnX Baseband Engine, HiFi Audio DSPs  and the ConnX D2 communications DSP. The IntegrIT Nature DSP Signal+ is a collection of signal processing functions that assist the implementation of typical DSP algorithms. All functions are optimized for, and utilize, the full data bus bandwidth and computing power of each of the ConnX DSPs. The IntegrIT Nature DSP Signal+ library features over 30 common math and signal functions and is designed to be useful in practical real-time DSP applications.

"Tensilica has developed a series of very compelling DSP architectures from the small footprint ConnX D2 to the flagship ConnX Baseband Engine," stated Dmitry Paroshin, managing partner, IntegrIT. "ConnX with the Nature DSP Signal+ library compares very favorably to competing DSP architectures. We joined Tensilica's Xtensions partner network as we see that they are well-positioned to becoming a dominant DSP supplier in wireless communications."

"IntegrIT has clearly demonstrated their Tensilica knowledge and expertise in bringing the Nature DSP Signal+ library to market," stated Chris Jones, Tensilica's director of strategic alliances. "The high performance achieved by IntegrIT with the math and signal functions demonstrates the architectural efficiency of the ConnX DSPs."

About the Nature DSP Signal+ Library:

IntegrIT Nature DSP Signal+ is a collection of signal processing functions needed for implementation of typical digital signal processing functions. All functions are manually optimized for Tensilica's ConnX DSPs. This library, on the ConnX D2 DSP, outperforms TI's C55XX DSPLIB by 45-65 percent for FFTs and provides up to 4x acceleration for vector mathematics. Another important feature is the availability of bit exact library for x86 PC, which makes development and simulation of complex DSP algorithms simpler and  more straight forward. This library is available today for ConnX D2 in binaries and in source code written on fully portable C-language from both Tensilica and IntegrIT. It will be available in the third quarter for HiFi Audio DSPs and the ConnX Baseband Engine. A datasheet is available at http://integrit.ru/download/IntegrIT_NatureDSP_Signal+.pdf

About IntegrIT

IntegrIT is a DSP software design house based in Moscow, Russia, that provides design services, software product development and customization. IntegrIT has a solid track record in design and deployment of cutting edge solutions for VoIP, APCO P25 and DMR equipment. Having a unique convergence of experiences in networking and software defined radio applications, IntegrIT delivers to its clients a very competitive level of software performance, quality and scalability.

IntegrIT's engineering team shortens time to market for telecommunications equipment manufacturers which often do not have their own resources to build and deploy real-time multimedia data processing in their systems. IntegrIT successfully manages the development process from early project negotiation up to the finish and always helps in requirements analysis and specification.

About Tensilica

Tensilica, Inc. is the leader in customizable dataplane processors IP cores. Dataplane Processor Units (DPUs) combine the best capabilities of CPUs and DSPs while delivering 10-to-100-times the performance because they can be customized using Tensilica's automated design tools to meet specific signal processing performance targets. Tensilica's DPUs  power SOC designs at system OEMs and five out of the top 10 semiconductor companies for products including mobile phones, consumer electronics devices (including digital TV, Blu-ray Disc players, broadband set top boxes, digital still cameras and portable media players), computers, and storage, networking and communications equipment. For more information on Tensilica's patented, benchmark-proven DPUs visit www.tensilica.com.

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