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DesignArt Networks Picks Tensilica Xtensa LX2 Configurable Processors for WiMAX Baseband Chip

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – June 14, 2007 – Tensilica, Inc., today announced that DesignArt Networks, of Ra’anana Israel, has decided to use multiple Xtensa LX2 configurable processor cores to speed product development and reduce risk to their WiMAX wireless baseband chip design. Multiple Xtensa LX2 cores are used in PHY and MAC layers of DesignArt’s SOC platform, where some are replacing RTL state machines with high performance software, and some have been configured as custom DSP engines, handling high-speed signal processing functions.

"By using Tensilica’s Xtensa LX2 configurable processors in our SOC, we took our platform to a higher level of flexibility, and we are able to bring a highly configurable silicon platform to our customers. The benefits are clear – better ability of tracking customer requirements and standards evolution, as well as an in-field software upgradeable network infrastructure," stated Oz Barak, CEO, DesignArt Networks. "In the PHY, the powerful Xtensa LX2 DSP core enables the implementation of various MIMO receiver configurations. In the MAC layer, the Xtensa LX2 processors are the engine of the embedded high packet rate network processor, forming a highly-configurable design to track the future 802.16e standard evolution, as well as the emerging 802.16j standard. The robustness and sophistication of the Xtensa toolset allowed us to have packets traversing an RTL simulation on day 2 of the development effort. Today, these multi-core subsystems are up and running on the FPGA boards in our integration labs, with several months of testing already completed."

"The wireless infrastructure market is the focus of significant investment and opportunity right now, and DesignArt Networks has an aggressive plan to be a leader in that market," stated Steve Roddy, Tensilica’s vice president of marketing. "By taking advantage of the unique features of our Xtensa LX2 processor, and by using multiple cores instead of dedicated hardwired logic blocks, DesignArt Networks can rapidly deliver product into this fast moving market and simultaneously engineer an area-efficient, low-power solution."

About DesignArt Networks

DesignArt Networks Ltd. is a fabless semiconductor company driving the evolution of the 4G wireless network infrastructure, towards high density, high-capacity deployments with ubiquitous and uniform out- and indoor coverage. DesignArt provides a comprehensive WiMAX SoC silicon platform, with the goal to substantially lower the cost of the WiMAX network infrastructure. Based on DesignArt’s patented single-chip design architecture, this SOC platform enables equipment vendors to build a portfolio of base and relay stations, ranging from micro, pico to femto cell and multi-service access point designs. DesignArt combines an experienced management team with strong technology leadership, and holds a unique combination of expertise and intellectual property. For more information about DesignArt Networks, please visit www.designartnetworks.com.

About Tensilica

Tensilica offers the broadest line of controller, CPU and specialty DSP processors on the market today, in both an off-the-shelf format via the Diamond Standard Series cores and with full designer configurability with the Xtensa processor family. Tensilica’s low-power, benchmark proven processors have been designed into high-volume products at industry leaders in the digital consumer, networking and telecommunications markets. All Tensilica processor cores are complete with a matching software development tool environment, portfolio of system simulation models, and hardware implementation tool support. For more information on Tensilica's patented approach to the creation of application-specific building blocks for SOC design, visit www.tensilica.com.

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