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PCI Express VIP Resources

Everything you need to simplify PCIe Verification

PCI Express (PCIe) is a stronger and more vibrant interface today than at any previous time in its history. While it has a long history, the PCI Express specification has recently seen major enhancements and extensions. These changes are making the interface more important than ever, but the changes have come so swiftly and dramatically that verification engineers have trouble keeping up. That’s where Cadence Verification IP for PCI Express comes in. Our PCIe VIP simplifies System on Chip (SoC) verification. With the proven Cadence VIP, covering the full spectrum of PCIe designs, you can verify your designs quickly and get to market sooner and with higher quality.


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As an active member of the PCI- SIG for many years, Cadence has participated in the development of the PCIe specifications, contributing to the working groups by adding the clarification needed to make the specifications more verifiable.

Cadence has provided pre-silicon VIP for the various PCIe specifications, and worked with dozens of customers worldwide that have used Cadence VIP to verify hundreds production designs incorporating the range of PCIe interfaces.

Cadence has close partnerships with the main PCI-SIG members, resulting in advanced and proven VIP that follows the latest specification features and revisions. With Cadence, you have a one-stop shop for all PCIe interfaces for testing and verification, with a consistent user API.



Product Pages

Click on the product links to get details on the wide selection of Cadence VIP for PCIe Protocols

Mobile PCI Express Simulation VIP First VIP to support Mobile PCI Express
NVM Express Simulation VIP World's first NVM Express VIP
PCI Simulation VIP Supports both 32- and 64-bit bus data widths
PCI Express Gen2 Simulation VIP The most mature PCIe VIP, used by more than 100 customers
PCI Express Gen3 Simulation VIP The most complete and capable PCIe 3.0 VIP
PCI Express Gen4 Simulation VIP

*NEW* First VIP to provide support for PCIe Gen4

PCIe SR-IOV Simulation VIP

Supports Single Root I/O Virtualization

PCIe MR-IOV Simulation VIP

Supports Multi-Root I/O Virtualization

PCI Express Gen2/Gen3 Accelerated VIP

Supports simulation-acceleration to enable 100x performance increase