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Memory Model Resources

Simplify Verification of SoC Memory Interfaces

Memory is a major part of every electronic product. Every system on chip (SoC) contains embedded memories and must also interface with external memory components. The operation of these interfaces impacts both SoC functionality and performance, making memory interface verification a crucial step in the SoC development process.

Cadence® Memory Models are the gold standard for memory interface verification. Used by more than 500 customers, Cadence Memory Models provide support for 6,000 memories spanning 60 memory interface types and 85 memory manufacturers.

3D Memory Leadership

3D technology is reshaping the memory landscape for virtually all types of electronic products. The driving force behind 3D is the fact that while processor performance has continued to increase in accordance with Moore’s Law, memory performance has not. The performance limit imposed by memory is well known and is commonly referred to as the “memory wall”. While the memory wall has seemed insurmountable for a number of years, new 3D memory technologies are now poised to tear down that wall. Cadence is in the vanguard of support for 3D memory technology with first-to-market models for Wide I/O, Hybrid Memory Cube (HMC), High Bandwidth Memory (HBM), and DDR4 3D Stacking (DDR4-3DS)


Memory Directions Uncertain

3D Memory Landscape Takes Shape

How Flash and DRAM Growth Trends are Reshaping the Memory Industry


Cadence has close relationships with leading memory companies and industry standards organizations. Cadence memory models for commercial memory components are based on the manufacturer's datasheets and are then provided to the manufacturer for certification. This closed-loop quality control process means that you can trust your simulation results. Models for new external memory standards that do not yet have commercial component providers and models for internal memory standards are based upon the specifications provided by the controlling standards body, such as JEDEC, ONFi, and SD Association. Cadence works closely with our early-adopter customers to ensure the quality of these models.


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