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Ethernet VIP Resources

The Expanding Reach of Ethernet

The Internet is everywhere, and Ethernet is its backbone. Everything you see on your screen, whether it is wired or wireless, travels through an Ethernet path before it reaches you. This has created a overwhelming demand for more and more data, and has caused the Ethernet standard to rapidly evolve in order to keep up. The new 25G/50G protocol is just the latest improvement to the standard and is already driving down costs in datacenters by reducing cabling and complexity. At the same time, Automotive Ethernet is laying the foundation for the future of driverless automobiles while also enabling enhanced infotainment and other driver-assisting technologies.

As all these technologies come to a head, engineers are faced with the problem of rapidly incorporating these new standards in their designs while ensuring those designs are bug free.

VIP learns from the past to enable the future

Achieving a bug free design is a tedious and error-prone task, but using Cadence VIP for Ethernet Protocols simplifies and speeds up the verification process. Over the last 10 years, the VIP has been used to verify hundreds of designs. Each project brought unique challenges, and the subtleties learned were incorporated into subsequent releases of the VIP, making our latest model the most comprehensive and trusted Ethernet VIP available.

There are two versions of the VIP available: Simulaiton VIP and Accelerated VIP. The Simulation VIP includes state machine models, protocol checks, and coverage models to exhaustively analyze design behavior during logic simulation. Accelerated VIP is used in conjunction with the Palladium XP system to boost simulation throughput up to 1,000 times faster than logic simulation, enabling the simulation of real world traffic scenarios.


Click on the product links to get details on the wide selection of Cadence VIP for Ethernet Protocols

VIP for Ethernet up to 100G Supports Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE)
VIP for Ethernet up to 400G Broadest range of MAC interface support
VIP for Ethernet TSN Support of AVB and TSN for Ethernet Automotive
Ethernet 10/100/1G/10G Accelerated VIP
Enable design acceleration using the Cadence Palladium® XP
Ethernet 40G/100G Accelerated VIP
Run tests in a pure simulation environment or in simulation acceleration with IES