Comprehensive solution for functional and performance verificationComprehensive solution for functional and performance verificationComprehensive solution for functional and performance verification

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AMBA VIP Resources

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Unleash Your Potential To Achieve A Bug-Free Design

Cadence VIP for AMBA Protocols helps you unleash your potential by offloading the tedious and error-prone aspects of functional verification. Proven on over 2000 projects, these VIP are trusted by engineers around the world. The solution includes Simulation VIP, Accelerated VIP, and Assertion-Based VIP to support logic simulation, hardware acceleration, and formal analysis. With Cadence VIP for AMBA Protocols, you’ll have the power to get your job done right the first time.

Working in close cooperation with ARM for more than ten years, Cadence has evolved a powerful verification solution for the full range of AMBA protocols and interconnects, as these customers confirm:

HiSilicon is a leader in ASICs and solutions for communication networks and digital media. Delivering advanced multi-core ARM® SoCs to our customers requires leading IC design technologies. Cadence VIP for AXI4 and ACE™ enables us to quickly and efficiently deliver bug-free SoC designs.
– Ting Lei, Director of Cloud Computing, HiSilicon

“As the complexity of ARM partners’ designs increases year after year, successfully verifying the performance of the SoCs has become a critical imperative. The comprehensive Cadence Verification IP solution for AMBA® protocols has enabled our mutual customers to address this challenge while incorporating the latest ARM technology. The ARM partnership with Cadence helps customers achieve continued success as they roll out next-generation designs incorporating our most advanced AMBA specifications such as AXI4 and AXI Coherency Extensions (ACE™).” 
– Joe Convey, Director of Design Enablement, ARM

"By using Cadence tools, we have only needed to focus on whether it meets the design’s intention, which has increased our efficiency significantly. Cadence VIP and Interconnect Validator demonstrated the ability to address all our interconnect verification concerns; VIP ensures the correctness and Interconnect Validator helps us to achieve the completeness and compliance." 
-Hao Wen and Jianhong Chen, Spreadtrum

A Three Pronged Approach For Best Results

To enable complete SoC fabric verification, three components are needed:

  • Protocol compliance verification
  • Data integrity analysis
  • Performance verification

Protocol compliance checking is performed by the Simulation VIP, Accelerated VIP, and Assertion-Based VIP. Data integrity is verified with the Interconnect Validator, a unique VIP component that monitors all the transactions that flow across an interconnect to verify conformance to data transformation and cache coherency rules.  Performance verification entails measuring bandwidth and latency results for simulated traffic.  All three are part of the Cadence interconnect verification solution.


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Product Pages

Click on the product links to get details on the wide selection of Cadence VIP for AMBA Protocols

AMBA 5 CHI Simulation VIP Part of a complete ARM® AMBA® 5 CHI verification solution
AMBA 4 ACE Simulation VIP The first and most widely used ARM® AMBA® 4 ACE VIP
AMBA 4 Stream Simulation VIP Customizable address and data width up to 32 bits
AMBA AHB Simulation VIP Proven on hundreds of chip design projects
AMBA AXI Simulation VIP The most widely used ARM® AMBA® AXI VIP
AMBA 4 ACE Accelerated VIP Supports ARM® AMBA® 4 ACE and ACE-Lite
AMBA AXI Accelerated VIP Supports ARM® AMBA® AXI3, AXI4, and AXI4-Lite
AMBA AHB Accelerated VIP Supports ARM® AMBA® 3 AHB-Lite
AMBA APB Accelerated VIP Supports ARM® AMBA® APB
AMBA 4 ACE Assertion-Based VIP The first assertion-based VIP for ARM® AMBA® 4 ACE
AMBA AHB Assertion-Based VIP Supports ARM® AMBA® 2, 3, and 4 APB specifications
AMBA AXI Assertion-Based VIP Supports ARM® AMBA® 3 and 4 AXI specifications
Interconnect Validator (Basic) Supports any number of masters and slaves
Interconnect Validator (Coherent) Verifies snoop conversions, snoop propogation, and snoop filter operation
Interconnect Workbench Automatic testbench creation and performance analysis cockpit