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User Survey Results

This recent survey conducted by TechValidate shows why users across more than 500 companies trust Cadence VIP to verify their designs.  See how users rated their experience with VIP, explained why they selected Cadence VIP vs. other alternatives, and described the benefits they achieved.


Why Choose Cadence VIP?

Is it better to buy commercial VIP rather than develop it internally? If buying commercial VIP, which vendor will best meet your needs? What other factors should be considered? Here’s what Cadence VIP users had to say.


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User Reviews

How do you use VIP?  Would you recommend your current solution to a friend? See how Cadence users answered those questions.


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Case Studies

What challenges do you face in your verification projects? How do you use VIP to address those challenges? What results have you obtained? Here are some case studies from Cadence VIP users.

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