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Tensilica Processors and DSPs

Using and Customizing Tensilica Processors Is Easier Than You Think

Customizing Cadence® Tensilica® processors and DSPs is much easier than you think, and much faster than designing RTL hardware blocks. The unique, patented Tensilica methodology reduces design risk by automating much of the process and by helping you to rapidly create individually tailored processors and DSP cores with their associated development tools that are guaranteed correct by construction.

You only need to understand your application's requirements. Our tools help you profile your code, figure out the best customizations, and create the best possible processor or DSP. Our design methodology produces standard hardware RTL that can be synthesized into your SoC designs, a complete software tool chain, and a full set of simulation and verification models.

Ready to Dive in and Learn More?

There's a lot to explore in this section of our website. We highly recommend our white papers. You can also learn a lot more about the tools you'll use to create your custom DSP. Enjoy!

Tensilica Processor Technology

Learn how Tensilica processors are fundamentally differentiated from standard CPUs and DSPs

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Benefits of Customization

Differentiate, reduce time to market, add flexibility, and get the best performance, power, and area

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Hardware/Software Dev Tools

Create a perfect match for your application, guaranteed correct by construction

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Hardware/Software Design Flow

Tensilica processors seamlessly plug into your hardware and software design flows

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