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Interface, Memory, Analog, and System/Peripheral IP

Configurable Standard IP—Fits Your Application

Almost every chip design needs standard IP, and yet IP is rarely "standard." One implementation doesn't work in every design. While IP must be designed to match the standard specification with the highest quality, your project requirements may call for slightly different chip interfaces or other little changes that will speed its integration into your design. 

And the same holds true for analog/mixed-signal IP. These digital interfaces to the real (analog) world often need to be modified to fit the exact application.

Cadence understands this, and works with each customer to make sure the IP chosen is a good fit for the application targeted. This is just one example of the many benefits of adopting the Cadence® approach to IP for SoC design.

Our Unique Configurable Infrastructure Gets You Your IP, Your Way

Cadence Design IP supports advanced capabilities defined in industry-wide standards, delivering superior performance  while also optimizing power. Our extensive support for new and emerging standards, combined with advanced implementation architectures and techniques, ensures that Cadence has a Design IP solution targeted to your needs, no matter if the application is a high-performance data center or a power-sipping mobile device.

Unique Configurable Infrastructure

Third-party IP solutions have normally meant compromising the needs of your design to take advantage of a proven IP. Cadence  uses a unique, mass-configurable infrastructure so that we can deliver IP configured to your specific SoC design requirements, providing only those features and performance levels needed for your particular application. 

Using our configurable infrastructure eliminates the need to  compromise—you can specify the IP around your design rather than building your design around the IP. Furthermore, each of our configured IP solutions is fully verified and delivered with complete documentation plus an integration and verification environment that is perfectly matched to the IP.

Designed FOR Quality

Our IP Factory infrastructure supports all phases of IP product life cycles. We employ an automated flow to mitigate human error and invalid configurations. Each configured IP package is thoroughly QA tested for consistency. 

IP factory flow

The Cadence Design IP Quality System Includes

  • Organization
  • Tracking/metrics
  • Continuous improvement system
  • Accountability, both internal and to our customers
  • Proven documented design flows
  • Design for test
  • Internal IP characterization and validation
  • Root cause analysis
  • IP product delivery system