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LIN Simulation Verification IP (VIP)

Specification Support

LIN VIP supports LIN protocol versions 2.1, 2.0 and 1.3. The specification is developed by the LIN Consortium

Key Features

Feature Name

Frame Library

Supports user frame library


Supports Go-to-Sleep and Wake-up feature

Master and Slave Configuration

Supports configuring a LIN cluster with one master agent and many slave agents

Node Capability File (NCF)

Supports NCF-like predefined configuration

Predefined Sequence

Supports various types of predefined sequences for functions like READ_BY_ID, ASSIGN_NAD, CONDITIONAL_CHANGE_NAD, DATA_DUMP, SAVE_CONFIGURATION, ASSIGN_FRAMR_ID_RANGE

Random Frames

Supports constrained random frames

Supported Design-Under-Test Configurations

Master Slave Hub/Switch
Full stack Controller-only PHY-only

Test Suite Options

Basic CMS PureSuite TripleCheck


Test Suite Comparison

Constrained-random example tests
Directed compliance tests
Constrained-random compliance tests
Tests targeting all protocol layers
3rd party simulator test execution
SystemVerilog functional coverage model
efunctional coverage model
Verification plan mapped to protocol specification
Verification plan integration with Cadence vManager metric-driven analysis system
Verification plan integration with 3rd party simulator environments