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CCIX Simulation VIP


Cadence provides a mature and comprehensive Verification IP (VIP) for the CCIX specification which is an open standard for a new class of server products that addresses the challenging performance and latency requirements in the growing data center market. Incorporating the latest protocol updates, the Cadence® VIP for CCIX provides a complete bus functional model (BFM), integrated automatic protocol checks, and coverage model. Cadence provides a solution for interconnect verification that supports the verification of coherent interconnect. Designed for easy integration in testbenches at IP, system-on-chip (SoC), and system levels, the VIP for CCIX helps you reduce time to test, accelerate verification closure, and ensure end-product quality.

The CCIX VIP showcases Cadence’s pioneering efforts in the enterprise data center market by being the first to announce a VIP-DIP solution. With early customer engagements prior to specification ratification and joint collaboration with Cadence DIP, this VIP allows customers to leverage our expertise in PCIe and cache coherency from the verification and design spectrum.

Built on top of known and proven PCIe and AMBA verification solutions, the CCIX VIP runs on all major simulators and supports SystemVerilog and e verification languages along with associated methodologies, including the Universal Verification Methodology (UVM) and Open Verification Methodology (OVM).


Supported specification: 

The Protocol Layer of CCIX 1.0, 1.1, and 2.0 specifications.


Product Highlights

  • Supports seamless integration in SystemVerilog, UVM, OVM, e and SystemC verification environments
  • Includes comprehensive and complete checking and coverage models
  • Includes a set of callbacks which provide access at various protocol events for transaction modification, scoreboarding, and debugging
  • Supports error injection
  • Includes embedded memory and cache models which are settable and accessible via backdoor
  • Packet tracker for ease of debugging 
  • Seamless integration with System Verification Scoreboard (SVD)

Key Features

List the key features from the spec that are implemented in the VIP. List the important ones in the table below.


Feature Name


CCIX Protocol Layer

Fully models the CCIX Protocol Layer

CCIX Transport Layer Should be used in conjunction with either CXS or PCIe VIP which model the Transport Layer 

TX and RX channels

Supports TX and RX channels simultaneously
Snoop filter Support for snoop filter functionality and API at HA agent
Snoop broadcast Supports snoop broadcast
SA memory expansion Supports SA memory expansion

PCIe header support

Support PCIe Optimized and Standard Headers

Protocol credit control Provides full control over protocol credits

Dedicated VC

Dedicated VC for CCIX traffic that can be configured to

  • Send/Receive vendor-defined messages with CCIX payload
  • Send/Receive CCIX Optimized TLP
Packet Mode (Legacy) Supports variable packet size used for packing and transmitting messages
Container Mode Supports packing of messages into 64B containers and passing them to lower layer
Increased Message Credits for CCIX 2.0 Increased the number of credits from 2 to 64 for each type of message


Simulation Testsuite 

CCIX VIP comes along with a testsuite of scenarios for easy VIP evaluation and deployment 

Testsuite link: "Please contact us for further information" 

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