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CCIX Simulation VIP

Key Verification Capabilities

The CCIX VIP delivers:

  • Full timing configurability
  • Pre-programmed assertions that continuously watch simulation traffic to check for protocol violations
  • Pre-programmed coverage models used to verify exercising of various modes of operation of an interface
  • Predefined and user—defined error injection capability available at each protocol layer

Specification Support

The simulation VIP for CCIX supports v1.0 of the specification.

Key Features


PCIe Traffic

PCIe Traffic with support for CCIX mode

TX and RX channels

Supports TX and RX channels simultaneously

Speed Support

Supports 16G speed support

Flit Width

Supports up to 1024 flit width

Interconnect monitor

Interconnect monitor for Cache Coherent automatic checking

Checks and Assertions

Protocol checks and assertions

Pack/unpack Coherent Transaction

Ability to pack/unpack coherent transaction to CCIX messages and send them over PCIe

Transmit PCIe Packets

Configurable to transmit PCIe packets, as well as CCIX packets

Supports transmission and reception of vendor

Defined messages and optimized messages

Dedicated VC for CCIX traffic that can be configured to:

  • Send/Receive Vendor Defined messages with CCIX payload
  • Send/Receive CCIX Optimized TLP

Supports following messages

Requests, snoop requests, responses, snoop responses, credit exchange

Serial Interfaces

Consists of PIPE 4.3 and Serial interfaces