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SD Card 4.0 Memory Model

Specification Support

The relevant specifications are Part 1 Physical Layer Specification Version 4.00 and Part 1 UHS-II Addendum Version 1.00. Both are available on request from SD Association's Members Site: https://www.sdcard.org/home/

Product Highlights

Feature Name


2L-HD mode              

Half-duplex mode of operation which doubles data throughput                          

Boot Code Loading             

Boot Code can be loaded from one of the model instances designated as boot device                          

Data Burst Retry              

Data Burst Retry support through the simulation of Recoverable error                         

Data Burst Streaming              

Allows multiple model instances to be connected using Ring Connection                

Low Power Mode             

Low Power Mode supported through configuration register setting                          

PHY-LINK I/F              

Interface defined in Appendix-F allows verification of Protocol IP independently

Speed Range A and B             

Default Speed Range A and faster Range B supported through configuration register setting