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AVIP for PCIe 4.0

The Cadence® Accelerated Verification IP (AVIP) enables design acceleration using the Cadence Palladium® Verification Computing Platform, and supports a variety of use modes to enable both validation of systems and subsystems, as well as more extensive protocol compliance verification of block- and IP-level designs.

The AVIP library for PCIe is a set of ready-made, highly configurable Verification IP (VIP) for the PCI Express® (PCIe®) interface. It enables tests to be run in a pure simulation environment, with the Cadence Xcelium simulator, or in simulation acceleration with the Xcelium simulator and the Palladium platform.

The AVIP for PCIe can:

  • Behave as both Root Complex and End Point
  • Create and send PCIe transactions
  • Respond to PCIe transactions

Specification Support

All PCIe transactions are in accordance with the PCI Express 4.0 Specification Version 1.0.

Protocol Features

Supported interfaces:

  • UVM SystemVerilog
  • C++

Supported flows:

  • Simulation acceleration with the Palladium platform, compiled using the IXCOM flow

Key Verification Capabilities

The following table lists the supported functionality of the AVIP for PCIe:


AVIP for PCIe 4.0 1

PCIe 1.0 (2.5GT/s Speed) Yes
PCIe 2.0 (5GT/s Speed) Yes
PCIe 3.0 (8GT/s Speed) Yes
PCIe 4.0 (16GT/s Speed) Yes
PCIe 5.0 (32GT/s Speed) No
8-bit PIPE Interface Yes
16-bit PIPE Interface Yes
32-bit PIPE Interface Yes
Multiple Virtual Channels Yes
Address Translation Services (ATS) for UVM SystemVerilog Yes
PASID Translation Yes
ATS+PASID Translation Yes
Serial Interface Yes
Up to 16 Lanes Yes
Power Management Yes
Complete Set of Configuration/Status Registers Yes
Logging Control and Transaction Logs in a Log File Yes
Backdoor Memory Access (read/write to own memory) Yes
Stimulus Access to Received Transactions Using Callbacks Yes
Events to Control Timing of Transactions 
(reduces hardware/software syncs and gives control to stimulus)
Single Root I/O Virtualization (SR-IOV) Yes

Fully Supports the Following Transactions:

  • Memory Read and Write
  • Memory Read Lock
  • I/O Read and Write
  • Configuration Read and Write (Type 0 and Type 1)
  • Messages With Data and Without Data

PCIe Completer ID Support for the Following Transactions:

  • Memory Read

  • I/O Read and Write


Atomic Transactions Support for the Following:



  • 128-bit COMPARE_AND_SWAP

10-bit Tags Yes
Zero-Length Transactions Yes
Scaled Flow Control Yes
Low Pin Count PIPE Interface No
Support for Serdes Architecture
(with 10-bit, 20-bit, 40-bit, and 80-bit PIPE Interface)

 1 The AVIP for PCIe 4.0 (16 Lane) is available at $AVIP_ROOT/cdn_pcie/hdl_16_gen4



Supported Design-Under-Test Configurations

Root Complex End Point Hub/Switch
Full Stack Controller Only PHY Only

Usage Options

Simulation Acceleration HW/SW Co-Verification