Fusion F1 Details

Today’s growing number of IoT products typically consist of 3 main functions: Sensing, Computation, and Communications.

Fusion F1 DSP is designed for all 3 core IoT functions:

  • Cadence’s Lowest Energy Voice Trigger DSP for always-on listening
  • Optional Floating Point Implementation for Sensor Processing
  • Leading DSP performance for both MAC and PHY processing in leading Narrow-band communication standards

Fusion F1 IoT Options

These seven proven Tensilica Fusion F1 ISA options for IoT applications include:



Floating Point Unit

  • Single-precision
  • Floating point instructions issued concurrently with 64-bit load/store
  • Accelerates sensor processing algorithms

Audio/Voice/Speech (AVS)

  • Software compatibility with the HiFi DSP family
  • Access to over 175 HiFi audio/voice software packages

16-bit Quad MAC

  • Four 16x16 MACs
  • Accelerates communications standards like Bluetooth LE and Wi-Fi
  • Accelerates voice algorithm performance

AES (128 bit)

  • Encryption acceleration for narrowband wireless standards such as Bluetooth LE and Wi-Fi

Advanced Bit Manipulation

  • Accelerates performance of bit operations in baseband MAC/PHY processing


  • Supports Viterbi for WiFi and  LTE

Soft Bit Demap

  • Supports SoftBit demapping for WiFi and LTE

A Strong Partner Ecosystem

Cadence has over 80 partners in its HiFi/F1 Fusion ecosystem. Many of the partners have already ported their software to the Tensilica Fusion F1 DSP architecture so you can get up and running quickly.

Key Fusion F1 Software Ecosystem Offerings:

  • Voice Trigger/Voice Command
  • Sensor Fusion Suites
  • Voice Pre-Processing (AEC, Beamforming, etc.)
  • Narrowband Communications standards like 802.11ah

Find the software that fits your design.