Tensilica Customizable Processor and DSP IP Tensilica Customizable Processor and DSP IP Tensilica Customizable Processor and DSP IP

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Tensilica Customizable Processor and DSP IP

Xtensa DPUs excell in dataplane processingApplication Optimization with the Xtensa Processor Generator

Make your Processor or DSP run your application more efficiently

Do you need to run your software algorithms on a processor or DSP, but can’t find one that meets your performance, energy and cost requirements? Perhaps you have a proprietary algorithm that will put you ahead of your competition, and you want to make sure it can’t be copied, but you don’t have the time or resources to start from scratch? You can quickly create your own unique processor or DSP, optimized for your particular algorithms, using the Tensilica Processor Platform.

Our patented technology allows you to quickly build unique task-specific processors and DSPs fully tailored to your application requirements, with a full matching software tool chain. 


Tensilica Customizable Processors and DSPs


This approach takes processors and DSPs to a whole new level. The opportunity to make your processor or DSP more suitable for your application simply does not exist in other fixed-ISA (instruction set architecture) processor or DSP IP.

Every Tensilica DSP and processor includes the same base Xtensa ISA that delivers modern, high-performance RISC processor benefits. Shipping at a rate of over 4 billion cores per year, Cadence’s Tensilica processor and DSP portfolio is the number 2 volume 32-bit processor in the market.

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Tensilica Customizable Processors

Customizable processors that scale from small efficient controllers up to compute-intensive data processing engines

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Tensilica Reference Configurations

See sample configurations of Xtensa processors, ideal for any deeply embedded application

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HiFi DSPs for Audio/Voice/Speech

HiFi Audio/Voice DSPs range from ultra-low power always-on to high-performance for home infotainment systems

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Fusion DSPs for IoT and General Purpose DSP

DSPs scalable from ultra-low power always-on wearables, NB-IoT all the way up to compute-intensive radar and audio processing

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ConnX DSPs for Radar, Lidar, and Communications

A full range of radar/lidar and 5G communications DSPs from the ConnX BBE to the ConnX B20

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Vision DSPs for Imaging and Vision

For complex imaging, vision, and neural network (NN) algorithm processing in handsets, TVs, automotive, drone, and high-end wearables

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