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T8051 Microcontroller

Designed with the goal of achieving the smallest possible gate count while keeping full 8051 ISA compliance, the Cadence® T8051 CPU occupies less than 3k gates.

The Cadence T8051 Microcontroller is a fully capable IP that can be debugged with the Cadence EASE-8051 hardware debugging tool in ARM® KEIL uVision development tools.


  • One of the smallest 8051-compatible microcontrollers
  • Provides all necessary interfaces to memory and peripherals
  • Available with Cadence debugging tool for 8051 


T8051 Microcontroller Block Diagram

The Cadence T8051 Microcontroller IP is a low gate count, single-chip 8-bit microcontroller. It provides you with an interface for serial communication, a timer, a debugger, as well as multi-purpose I/O ports and hardware interrupts.

Being easily re-programmable, the Cadence T8051 Microcontroller IP is used in situations when the microcontroller should replace hard-coded control logic and enable introducing modifications to the control algorithm without the need to re-design the chip. Complex debugging system implemented is an additional value of the core.

The Cadence T8051 Microcontroller IP provides a convenient, cost-effective and low power solution that gives you relatively high performance. A complete OCDS debugging system compatible with the industry-standard Keil™ μVision Cx51 Development Tools IDE is also available. 


  • Compliant with Intel MCS 51 instruction set
  • Input and output ports with single 8-bit I/O port and alternate port functions, 16-bit timer/counter
  • Full duplex serial interface with 8 or 9-bit UART modes, variable baud rate and a baud rate generator