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R8051XC2 Microcontroller

The semiconductor industry’s evergreen, the Cadence® R8051XC2 Microcontroller provides users with full 8051 ISA compliance and a multitude of configuration options.

The R8051XC2 can run over 12 times faster than the original Intel® 8051 architecture.


  • Optimized architecture provides full ISA compliance with performance improvements
  • Competitive PPA
  • Debug hardware available 

The Cadence R8051XC2 Microcontroller IP is a single-chip 8-bit microcontroller core that implements numerous processor variations executing the MCS 51 instruction set. Being fast, easily configurable and highly efficient, it runs up to 12.1 times faster than the original Intel® 80C51 at the same clock frequency.

Designed to run at frequencies exceeding 400MHz on a typical 90nm process, the Cadence R8051XC2 Microcontroller IP uses 7K to 70K gates, depending on technology and configuration used. It offers a technology-independent design that eliminates redundant bus states and implements parallel processing of fetch and execution phases.

R8051XC2 Microcontroller Block Diagram


  • Compliant with Intel MCS 51 instruction set
  • Extensive core configurability (user configurable versions and custom configurations available) combined with the best power usage per DMIPS
  • External memory interface with up to 8MB program and data memory, additional arithmetic unit, external DMA controller, and program memory write mode