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Pulse Width Modulator (PWM)

A cost-effective solution for demanding applications. The Cadence® Pulse Width Modulator (PWM) IP offers SoC integrators the advanced capabilities and support that not only meet, but exceed the requirements of high-performance designs and implementations. 


  • Support for ARM® AMBA® Advanced Peripheral Bus (APB) protocol, version 2.0
  • Meets high-performance requirements
  • Parameterizable address and module ID

The Cadence Pulse Width Modulator IP generates a regular rectangular wave of definable period and duty cycle.

The target application can easily modify the shape of the waveform during operation, adjusting both the period and high time through an ARM® AMBA® 2 Advanced Peripheral Bus (APB) slave interface. The Cadence Pulse Width Modulator IP also incorporates all basic functions needed for standalone operation.

Key Features

  • Generic design suitable for any technology
  • Programmable module
  • Programmable interrupt