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Inter Integrated Circuit (I2C)

Compatible with the Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C) specification, the Cadence® I2C Controller provides users with an easy to integrate, 32-bit ARM® AMBA® APB bus compatible Master/Slave controller that supports Standard and Fast I2C modes.


  • Low-risk solutions with silicon-proven design
  • Ease-of-use with customizable with easy integration
  • High configurability and industry-standard interfaces supported

The Cadence I2C IP module is a bus controller that can function as a master or slave in a multi-master, two-wire serial I2C bus.  In master mode, the I2C interface can transmit data to a slave and initiate a transfer to receive data from a slave.  In the optional high-speed mode, the controller can be programmed to up to 3.4Mbps.

Inter Integrated Circuit (I2C) Block Diagram


  • Optional high-speed variant also programmable for up to 3.4Mbps

  • Programmable as either a master or slave interface

  • Programmable to use normal or extended addressing