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General Purpose I/O (GPIO)

The Cadence® General Purpose I/O module provides essential programmable ports for every system. Each of the 32 ports can be individually programmed, and serve as additional means of communication between various components of the system on chip (SoC). 


  • Low-risk solution with silicon-proven design
  • Fully configurable with each port is individually programmable
  • Easy integration with industry-standard ARM® AMBA® APB interface

The General Purpose I/O IP provides up to 32 I/O ports that can be programmed individually for input, output, or bidirectional operation. Each port can be programmed to trigger the GPIO interrupt on level (high, low) or edge (rising, falling, any) events.

General Purpose I/O (GPIO)  Block Diagram

Key Features

  • Interfaces to AMBA® version 2.0 APB
  • Up to 32 independently programmable I/O ports
  • Each port provides input, output, and output enable for bi-directional I/O pin