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Sony/Philips Digital Interface Controller (S/PDIF)

The Cadence® SPDIF Digital Audio Interface Controller implements the IEC 60958 interface features (commonly known as Sony/Philips Digital Interface), a unidirectional and self-clocking interface for connecting digital audio equipment using the linear pulse-code modulation (PCM) coded audio samples. The SPDIF can also be used for fast serial non-audio transmission.


  • Available system buses: ARM® AMBA® AHB and APB
  • Receiver/transmitter mode support
  • Data mode capabilities: sample rate, from 3kHz to 192kHz (with 98MHz SPDIF system clock), 20-/24-bit per sample

The Cadence SPDIF is an IP solution that can be used in digital audio, video, and other multimedia systems, in high quality multi channel audio transmission of linear PCM data, as well as in other instances of optical serial communication.

It provides a convenient, cost-effective solution and offers advanced configurability thanks to a rich set of parameters which allow easy integration of the core to the user application.

Sony/Philips Digital Interface Controller (S/PDIF) Block Diagram

Key Features

  • Fully compliant with ARM AMBA 2 On-Chip Bus Specification
  • Receiver and transmitter modes available
  • Data mode capabilities such as: sample rate 3kHz-192kHz and 20/24 bit per sample