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Audio Controllers

Despite many new standards being introduced to control audio in SoC designs, I2S and SPDIF are still popular with application designers because of the standard maturity and compatibility with billions of audio ICs.

The I2S and SPDIF controllers from Cadence have been available in the market since 2003, and are production proven in multiple applications. They are compatible with the relevant standards and AMBA® specifications for configuration interfaces. These controllers offer full standard compliance and flexibility to adjust to the designer’s application.

Cadence Audio Controllers offer support for I2S in both Single Channel and Multi-Channel variants, and the SPDIF controller.


Inter-IC Sound Bus Controller (I2S)Configurable single- or multi-channel Inter-IC Sound (I2S) bus interface controller

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Sony/Philips Digital Interface Controller (S/PDIF)Unidirectional and self-clocking interface for connecting digital audio equipment

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