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NAND Flash Host Controller IP

Cadence NAND Flash Controller Intellectual Property (IP) provides all the necessary logic required to efficiently control all major NAND Flash devices. 

Supporting all major NAND standards, and providing early support for emerging standards, our NAND Flash Controller IP has many configurable features and input parameters to customize the controller for the specific needs of any application. Support for widely used legacy interfaces is also available. 

Our NAND Flash Controller IP is architected to quickly and easily integrate into any system on chip (SoC) and, when used with the Cadence NAND Flash PHY IP, connects seamlessly from the SoC bus to the I/O drivers in the ASIC I/O pad ring. Client applications access the controller through industry-standard AMBA® AXI3™ or AHB™ interfaces.

Silicon proven, our NAND Flash Controller IP has been extensively validated in many processes and with multiple hardware platforms.