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Cadence® IP for NAND Flash is a family of system-level IP solutions consisting of NAND Flash Controller IP with compile-able ECC and asynchronous, synchronous PHY IP. Our Controller IP for NAND Flash addresses a broad range of market requirements, from SSD to basic boot applications including options for low power, reduced gate count, and performance. Our controllers and PHY IP meet all requirements for today’s ever-changing market environment and support all major NAND Flash manufacturers and standards: ONFI 4.1, ONFI 3/2/1, Toggle 2/1, and asynchronous devices. 

Cadence Controller IP for NAND Flash supports all NAND Flash specifications and provides unsurpassed flexibility with the ability to customize a controller to your specific needs. 

Cadence PHY IP for NAND Flash provides a scalable approach for any of your PHY needs, supporting bypass modes and performance capabilities up to DDR1200 for most process nodes. Our PHY is available as soft IP, with a targeted delay-locked loop (DLL) for your process and library.


NAND Flash Host Controller IPSupports ONFI 4.1/3/2/1, Toggle 2/1, and asynchronous memories

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NAND Flash PHY IPAll-digital soft PHY using DFI 3.0 adapted for Flash

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