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HBM2 IP Solution


  • Derived from Cadence’s silicon-proven DDR and LPDDR IP designs
  • Achieves highest data rates with detailed system guidelines
  • Delivers maximum system margin with advanced clocking and I/O architectures

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The PHY IP for HBM2 is comprised of architectural improvements drawn from previous-generation DDR5 and LPDDR4 PHYs, achieving breakthrough performance, low energy per bit, and low area relative to the bandwidth provided. The PHY IP for HBM2 was developed by experienced teams with industry-leading domain expertise and extensively validated with multiple hardware platforms. It is engineered to quickly and easily integrate into SoCs, and is verified with the Denali Controller IP for HBM2 as part of a complete memory subsystem solution.

HBM2 PHY IP Block Diagram

Artificial intelligence (AI), high-performance computing (HPC), image processing, and autonomous driving applications generate and consume large volumes of data and require very high memory bandwidth. The Cadence® Denali® PHY IP for HBM2 for the Samsung 10LPP Process is an ideal solution for meeting these high-performance applications.


  • Lowest latency for data-intensive applications
  • Advanced clocking architecture minimizes clock jitter
  • Highest data rates with high-resolution delay adjust
  • Designed for optimized interposer routing
  • Memory controller interface uses DFI 4.0-like standard
  • DFI PHY Independent Mode for initialization and training
  • IEEE 1500 interface, BIST module, and loop-back function
  • Debug and bring-up software


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