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USB 3.0 Controllers

Cadence® Controller IP for USB 3.0 offerings include xHCI Host, Device, and Dual Role Device controllers. USB 3.0 IP from Cadence were one of the first to receive a certification for compliance with USB 3.0 specification from USB-IF. The quality of the xHCI Host IP is so high that it is still part of the USB-IF PDK for compliance testing.

Today, thanks to the introduction of the USB Type-C™connectors and cables, USB 3.0 is still a very interesting option for mobile and consumer markets. Available as a Dual Role Device Controller, the USB 3.0 IP enables users to take full advantage of the new plug and bring user experience to a new level. When matched to the Cadence IP for DisplayPort Transmitter and IP for USB Type-C Port Controller, the USB 3.0 Controller IP allows application designers to take full advantage of the latest and greatest in the world of USB – Type-C connectivity, Power Delivery 2.0, as well as DisplayPort Alternate Mode.


USB 3.0 DRD ControllerSupports xHCI Host and Device functions up to 5Gbps

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USB 3.0 xHCI Host ControllerIndustry proven IP for USB host applications

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USB 3.0 Device ControllerConfigurable peripheral controller for all kinds of SuperSpeed applications

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