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56G Long-Reach PAM-4 SerDes

Hyperscale computing continues to be the main driver for very high-speed SerDes, and 112G/56G is a key enabler for cloud data center and optical networking applications. 56G connectivity is particularly important for 5G infrastructure deployment, both in baseband and remote radio head systems.

The Cadence 56G Long-Reach PAM-4 SerDes delivers exceptional performance with optimized power and area. The SerDes IP supports IEEE 802.3 and OIF standards electrical specifications.


  • Multi-rate support, including 56Gbps PAM-4 and 28G, 10G, and sub-10Gbps NRZ data rates, provides backward compatibility with legacy equipment operating at lower speeds

  • Unique firmware-controlled adaptive power optimizer provides optimal power and performance tradeoffs, and more efficient system designs based on platform requirements

  • DSP-based receiver architecture provides superior data recovery for lossy and noisy channels

  • Extended reach capability enables customers to use lower cost PCBs and achieve greater flexibility in PCB and system design

  • Fully autonomous startup and adaptation, as well as an integrated BIST capable of producing and checking PRBS are supported to enhance IP ease of use

Key Features

  • Supports flexible configuration in 1, 2, and 4 lanes

  • Supports industrial temperature range -40°C – 125°C

  • Low-jitter phase-lock loops (PLLs) enable best-in-class timing recovery and jitter performance

  • Continuous calibration and adaption provide robust performance across process, voltage, and temperature