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Ethernet PCS IP

Cadence® Ethernet PCS and connectivity IP provide you with a wide range of connectivity IP that can be used to interface Cadence and third-party MAC IP to standard interfaces. Our Ethernet PCS solutions ease integration of MAC IP with a broad range of PHY and SerDes IP. Our connectivity IP solutions include converters (10G to 1G) and Backplane Ethernet Auto-Negotiation (BEAN).


1G Wrappers RGMII, SGMII, and QSGMII
5G and above XAUI, USXGMII, 5GBASE-R, 10GBASE-R, and 40GBASE-R4
Converters 10G to 1G converters
BEAN Backplane Ethernet Auto-Negotiation


Cadence Ethernet Controller IP is delivered as Verilog HDL with synthesis scripts, comprehensive user guides, and documentation.

Cadence is an active member of the IEEE Working Groups and has participated in, and edited, a number of documents for the 802.3 specification.