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Ethernet Controller

The Cadence® Ethernet MAC and PCS IP designs are compliant with the IEEE 802.3 standard specification. Receive and transmit data is autonomously transferred between the Ethernet MAC and the ARM® AMBA® AHB bus using DMA transfers on the system side. Data is transferred to the Ethernet PHY via the Ethernet PCS. Our Ethernet IP can be used for a broad range of applications, from automotive (Automotive Gigabit Ethernet MAC/PCS solution), consumer, and industrial to high-end servers and networking appliances, with data rates from 10/100M to100G.

The increase in data directly impacts automobiles with advanced features such as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and multimedia-rich Infotainment systems. Automotive Ethernet is leading the way in resolving these issues by providing a high bandwidth, reliable and time sensitive communication link within an automobile. The Cadence® Controller IP for Automotive Ethernet provides the bandwidth and features necessary to support these applications.

Our Ethernet controller IP family supports the latest Ethernet specifications and provides unmatched flexibility so you can easily configure and customize a controller to your specific needs. Cadence Ethernet controllers offer more than 100 configurable features and 1,500 input parameters so every design can be optimized to its target application while achieving the best area and performance. Cadence controllers are also integrated with a large number of PHYs.

Cadence Multispeed Ethernet MAC/PCS IP Block Diagram

Our Ethernet MAC controllers contain an optional high-performance and highly-featured DMA engine that has been optimized and designed to make optimum use of the pipelining capabilities of the AXI system fabric, maintaining the highest line rates even in the presence of extremely high system latencies. Our controller support many other features to optimize performance, reduce latency, and offload software tasks. It also helps provide AVB support,with up to 16 prioritized queues of traffic (including 802.1Qav traffic shaping).

Cadence Ethernet PCS can be used to interface with Cadence Ethernet MAC, your indigenous MAC other standard interfaces. Our Ethernet PCS solutions ease integration with a broad range of PHY. Cadence also offers converters such as 10G to 1G and Backplane Ethernet Auto-Negotiation(BEAN) IP.


  • Feature rich and compliant with IEEE 802 standards and qualified with ISO 26262
  • Flexible configuration with enhanced functional safety features
  • Silicon proven and widely licensed


  • Compliant with IEEE 802.3 Standard, UNH tested and ISO 26262 ASIL-B qualified
  • Enhanced active functional safety features
  • AXI4, AHB and DMA support