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DisplayPort TX Controller

The Cadence® IP for DisplayPort™ TX Controller is a multi-protocol display controller, supporting DisplayPort, and Embedded DisplayPort (eDP™) standards. For the best match to specific project and application, the controller IP can be licensed as a single-protocol IP or as a solution with multi-protocol capabilities. As an ideal solution for mobile, consumer, and automotive infotainment markets, the Controller IP has a wide range of possible applications, including but not limited to: DVD and Blu-ray players, digital media adapters, game consoles, smartphones, and tablets.

The Controller IP is compliant with DisplayPort 1.3 HBR3 and Embedded DisplayPort 1.4 specifications, enabling display resolutions up to 8K 60Hz. Additional options like HDCP 2.2 support provide extra means of content protection. The Controller IP is designed to work with the USB Type-C™ DisplayPort Alt-Mode in both HBR2 (USB 3.0) as well as HBR3 (USB 3.1) modes.


IP for DisplayPort TX Controller Block Diagram


  • Dual standard support provides optimal area for multi-protocol systems
  • VESA® DisplayPort compliance accelerates system development and time to market
  • HDCP 2.2 support provides advanced security measures to high definition content

Key Features

  • DisplayPort v1.3 and eDP v1.4 standards compliance
  • Certified compatibility with VESA DisplayPort specification 
  • DisplayPort-specific features such as: HBR3, 1Mbps AUX channel, configurable number of lanes, and 6bpp support

  • eDP-specific features including multi-touch commands and backlights, DPCD registers, and fast link training

  • Video interface compliant with CEA-861-F and audio interface compliant with I2S interface
  • Optional HDCP 2.2 support, backward compatible with HDCP 1.3 and 1.4
  • Variety of video resolutions and formats supported, including 24-600MHz pixel clk, 8, 10, 12, and 16bpp
  • Up to 4k2k at 60Hz resolution, supporting RGB, YCbCR422, and YCbCr420