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HD Display IP

Supports Major Display Standards for Mobile and Consumer

Cadence® IP solutions for High Definition (HD) Display support all the major display standards that are required in the mobile and consumer applications. Whether you are working with DisplayPort™, Embedded DisplayPort™ and/or CEA-861 protocols, our IP cores are mature and standard compliant.

Cadence IP for DisplayPort TX Controller supports DisplayPort Alternate Mode for USB Type-C™, enabling users to take full advantage of the new standard and provide support for USB and DisplayPort data as well as power over a single cable.


  • Comprehensive support for all display protocols –  DisplayPort, eDP™
  • Unified architecture for all protocols capable of supporting multi-protocols (a.k.a combo) on the same controller or PHY
  • USB-Type CTM and Alternate Mode offering


DisplayPort TX ControllerThe perfect solution for a variety of applications, giving you flexibility needed in this rapidly evolving environment

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DisplayPort TX PHYOptimized for cost- and power-sensitive mobile, wireless IoT, and consumer designs

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