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Host Controller IP for SD 4.0 UHS-I / eMMC 5.1


  • High bandwidth and low latency for best system performance
  • Highly-integrated IP offering fast system integration and reduced design risk and cost
  • Wide support of standards enables system flexibility for embedded and expandable storage

The Cadence® Host Controller IP for SD 4.0 UHS-I / eMMC 5.1 supports many features for low-power systems, including clock toggling disable. High-performance systems benefit from our advanced DMA engine (ADMA2) with scatter-gather operation. ADMA2 can read data from any number of different-sized locations within system memory without CPU interaction. For designs with silicon area constraints, we offer a single-operation DMA engine option, or you can choose to eliminate the DMA engine entirely.

The Host Controller IP for SD 4.0 UHS-I / eMMC 5.1 supports Default Speed, High Speed, and Ultra High Speed Phase I (SDR12, SDR25, SDR50, SDR104, DDR50) modes for SD/SDIO devices. It also supports Backward Compatible mode, High Speed SDR, and High-­Speed DDR modes for eMMC devices.

The Controller IP for SD 4.0 UHS-I / eMMC 5.1 supports HS200 and HS400 high-speed modes for bandwidth of up to 400MB/s. In addition, the added Command Queuing Engine (CQE) improves smaller, random read-write operations, for higher system-level I/Os per second (IOPS).

Key Features

  • Supports SD memory, SD I/O cards, and eMMC devices
  • Complies with SD Specification Version 4.0 (Host and PHY) and JEDEC eMMC Standard 4.41
  • Supports Standard (SDSC), High (SDHC), and Extended (SDXC) capacity cards
  • Supports Default Speed, High Speed and Ultra High Speed Phase I modes
  • Features optional SDMA and ADMA2 modules
  • Offers various system side interface options: ARM®AMBA®AHB, AMBA AXI
  • Supports 1-bit, 4-bit, and 8-bit card buses
  • Features ping-pong buffering with block size support up to 2048 bytes
  • Features tuning/retuning logic of sample clock