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PCs and Printers

Providing Valuable Functions Inside Products You Use Every Day 

While the main CPU in a personal or notebook computer gets a lot of attention, there are lots of other processors involved in those systems.

In many of the major subsystems, including printers, storage, audio, graphics, video, Ethernet, and wireless, you'll find Cadence® Tensilica® processor cores hard at work.

But that's not all! Other Cadence IP is instrumental in PC and printer design.

Standards-Based IP Solutions

  • Interfaces: Ethernet, MIPI®, PCI Express®, and USB IP
  • Memory: DDR, LPDDR, NAND Flash, SD, SDIO, eMMC, Wide IO, and more
  • Analog  IP:  AFE, ADC, DAC, clock, and power/sensor IP

Verification IP

See all the PC-related products that include Tensilica DPUs.

Where's Tensilica in Your PC Environment?

Tensilica processor cores power major subsystems of PCs, printers, storage devices, and more.

Audio and Voice Processing

  • Process 32 or more gaming streams
  • Codec support for all popular standards
  • Single core for complex Blu-ray playback

Wireless Connectivity

  • Used in PHY and MAC layers
  • Efficient turbo coding, OFDM filters, Viterbi, FFT
  • Highest performance, lowest power DSPs

Video and Graphics Processing

  • Match DSP to your applications
  • Video stream and post-processing


  • Implement complex security algorithms
  • Used with biometric sensors


  • Multiple cores used for entire print processing chain
  • Ideal for image enhancement, scaling and interpolation, print engine control and more


  • SSD and Flash controllers
  • Programmable offload accelerators
  • Fast multi-protocol host/flash controller


  • Small, high-throughput, wide data processing
  • Offload accelerators (SAR, DPI etc)
Many uses, tailored to application, typically single-cycle

Image Signal Processing

  • Pre- and post-image processing
  • Also control of image signal processing path

Application Processing

  • Ideal for control of complex subsystems
  • Fully programmable in C
  • With complete matching SW tool set

Audio Processing

Sound quality is very important, even in notebook computers (where gaming and music playback is more common these days). Tensilica HIFi Audio DSPs are being employed in computer systems today. See our Audio, Voice, and Speech section.


Cadence is widely used in the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Ethernet communications in computers, printers and storage devices. Tensilica DPUs can be customized to exactly match the datapath for the fastest possible signal processing. See our Baseband and RF Signal Processing section. And be sure to check out our Interface IP and Verification IP for these functions.

Video/Graphics Processing

Tensilica DPUs are being used for graphics acceleration, video post processing, and 2D and 3D graphics. See our Xtensa® product section. And see our Image//Video section for ideas on video pre- and post-processing.

Image Signal Processing

Cadence's Tensilica IVP Image/Video Processing DSP is great for special imaging effects, such as multi-gram image capture, stabilization, HDR processing, facial recognition, and much more.


For security reasons, many notebooks and PCs are including fingerprint sensors. Tensilica cores are designed into several of these modules. See our Xtensa product section.

Applications Processing

Each subsystem often requires an embedded controller, and Xtensa processors are often ideal for subsystem control. You can see example configurations of our Xtensa DPUs for control.


Tensilica DPUs are being used in over 20 brands of solid state disk (SSD) products today. Licensees produce lower power, higher performance controllers that are optimized for their value-add algorithms and technologies that differentiate them in this highly competitive and fast-moving market. See our Storage section.


Tensilica DPUs are being used as controllers and offload engines in many networking products. See our Xtensa product section. Our baseband DSPs are used for Wi-Fi and other communications functions. And we have a wide range of Interface IP and Verification IP for standards such as Ethernet, USB, and much more.


Tensilica's DPUs have been used by three of the top four printer manufacturers for tasks such as JPEG decompression, image enhancement, scaling and interpolation, color processing, image rasterization, and print engine control. May of these printers employ five or more customized Tensilica DPUs. See our Xtensa product section.

Cadence's Customers in PCs

You'll be amazed at all the PC-related products that include Tensilica DPUs. Check out what we've been designed into.