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Internet of Things (IoT)

Enabling Lower Power Innovations that will Transform Our Lives

With the Internet of Things (IoT), billions of devices, including small end-node sensors, devices, gateways, and portals, communicate with big data servers in the cloud. These devices are collecting, intelligently processing, and providing information that can then be used to make intelligent decisions to improve efficiency, reduce cost, and offer better customer service. In short, the Internet of Things makes our lives better.

Our challenge is to consolidate as many disciplines and technologies into a single device with the smallest possible form factor, power requirements, and cost -- analog sensing and processing, digital signal processing, natural user interface processing, control applications operations, and wireless communications.

Couple our broad family of IP for IoT devices -- analog, digital, and memory IP blocks as well as Tensilica® processors for DSP and control tasks -- with our industry leading mixed-signal design and verification tools. With both the tools and IP, we’re ready to help you develop innovative, winning IoT devices.


Cadence supports IoT designs with the following products:

Processor-Based Solutions

Standards-Based IP Solutions

Verification IP

Where's Cadence in IoT Designs?

RF Front End Communications

  • Mature Tensilica DSP cores for 3G, LTE, and LTE-A PHY and MAC
  • Lowest power, highest performance DSP cores
  • Programmable cores for DFE
  • Analog IP components for RF and AFE

Audio and Voice

  • Best in class pre- and post-audio processing
  • Library of over 125 audio codecs
  • Ultra-low power processing

Noise, Image, Video Processing

  • Pre- and post-video and image processing
  • Efficient, low-power DSP
  • Match DSP to your algorithms

Vector Processing

  • Significantly improve performance
  • Optimize DSP for your algorithms
  • Combine with efficient VLIW for maximum throughput
  • C-programmable DSP cores


  • Optimized for low-power sensor
  • Control and/or DSP functions
  • Interface IP for most common functions


  • Memory verification models
  • Memory IP for most common standards and process technologies


  • PCI Express, MIPI, USB, display and Ethernet IP
  • PHYs and controllers


  • Device authentication
  • Protection of storage, data on the device
  • Security of propriety algorithms

Power Management

  • Mixed signal design blocks
  • Advanced power management features in all Tensilica processor cores
  • Advanced tools for low power physical implementation

Audio and Speech

Cadence® Tensilica HiFi DSPs can handle any audio or speech requirements for your IoT device, from playing simple MP3 downloads to recognizing speech commands. Our HiFi processors also provide exceptional support for noise reduction and special effects requirements. See our Audio, Voice and Speech section. Also see our SLIMbus for MIPI audio processing section.

Always-on Face and Voice Detection

Our HiFi DSPs also excel at always-on face and voice detection. Here, you want the lowest possible power to conserve battery life. Overall, speech processing has become much more complex, with the requirements to perform pre- and post-processing tasks like noise reduction, volume leveling, dialog clarity, volume boost, and spatial expansion. Look to our HiFi DSPs for all of these functions.

Baseband Radios

Cadence is the only IP provider that can provide DSP and controller processors that are silicon proven in highly successful wireless handset and infrastructure products, as well as analog and digital design IP covering almost all aspects of communications, including wireless (cellular 2G, 3G, and up to LTE-Advanced plus WiFi) and wired communication (PLC P1901.2) standards in both narrow band and high-data-rate broadband. Whether you need a solution that is fully software programmable or a mix of hardware-accelerated blocks and programmable DSPs, we can help you quickly develop low-power, low-cost implementations. Look at our Baseband DSP section.

We also offer pre-built AFE and RF IP blocks for LTE Category 4 and WiFi 802.11b/g/n and 802.11ac, the IP9130C with 6 Channels of ADC and 2 channels of DAC as well as other advanced features. Also look at the IP9936 AFE for 802.11 b/g/n, ac and 802.11ad (WiGiG). Check out all of our AFE IP. (Link to http://ip.cadence.com/ipportfolio/ip-portfolio-overview/analog-ip/afe-ip)

Digital Front End

Highly optimized Tensilica processors can be created for very specific computation such as FIR or matrix computation, allowing system developers to use a programmable engine for flexibility as well as meet high data rates and requirements for very high performance.


Cadence Analog IP and Tensilica processors are perfect for low-power sensor applications. We can easily perform the A/D and D/A conversions necessary, and with the highest degree of accuracy. Look to Cadence IP solutions for control and signal processing for biometric sensors (fingerprints), accelerometers (motion), noise level, gyroscopes (compass), and more. See examples of Tensilica Xtensa processor configurations for control. See our Analog IP section.

Security and Decryption

Implementing software algorithms in a customized Tensilica processor makes it much more difficult for the chip to be pirated. Digital Rights Management (DRM) features embedded within commercially distributed music and videos require complex encryption/decryption. Tensilica processors provide a programmable solution so that, even as standards evolve, you don't need to re-spin the chip. See our Tensilica product section.

Image and Vision Signal Processing

Use our customizable Tensilica DSPs to meet the challenges of camera image pre-processing, filtering, stabilization, color correction, light processing, and computer vision—anywhere that customized signal processing needs to be programmable and low power. See our Vision product section. We also offer DSI IP for the video display, as well as MIPI CSI camera receiver IP.