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HiFi Integrator Studio

The Cadence® HiFi Integrator Studio, a HiFi DSP audio framework, provides a standard operating system (OS) agnostic software framework to interface audio, voice, and sensor functions running on the HiFi DSP to higher level applications such as media players or recorders.  It enables high-level application programmers using Java/C++ to leverage the power-savings and acceleration benefits of the HiFi DSP without having to understand the low-level programming details of a real-time DSP. It also provides OEMs and application developers faster time to market when integrating Tensilica® HiFi DSP based SoCs into their products.

Developer APIs abstract offloading always-on processing tasks, such as voice trigger and MP3 decoding, while hiding details of memory management and input and output streaming to the DSP.

The HiFi Integrator Studio is composed of a DSP framework and an application framework.

DSP Framework/Thread

  • Implements and runs the data processing chain
  • Does all memory management required for the data processing chain
  • Receives commands from the application thread and sends responses

Application Framework/Thread with Developer API

  • Creates, configures and controls the data processing chain
  • Supports runtime creation and tear down of the data processing chains 
  • Sends commands to the DSP thread and receives responses

The HiFi Integrator Studio currently supports two main use cases, with additional ones in development. The first use case is targeted at SoCs where the HiFi DSP is the main processor.  An example product is a wearable device such as a Bluetooth headset. 

The second use case is targeted at SoCs where a host application processor offloads audio and/or voice tasks to the HiFi DSP processor.  Examples include codec chips for ultra-low-power, glitch-free audio playback, and noise suppression and echo-cancellation for superior voice experience.

The Android OS version demonstrates a complete end-to-end application, from Java applications at the top, to Android Marshmallow-based middleware, to offloaded code running on the HiFi DSP at the bottom, all in the Android Studio development environment.

By integrating the HiFi DSP in hardware together with Google's Android Studio emulator running on a PC, system developers can separate audio integration from Android bring-up, allowing earlier development of audio system software and enabling the developers to take advantage of the rich debugging environments available on PCs.  Android Studio system developers can now quickly and efficiently design, test, and validate HiFi-based SoCs for tunneled audio playback and voice input functions in an environment that is as close as possible to the end product.

The integration with Android leverages the Cadence® Tensilica® HiFi Audio Tunneling for Android. As the industry’s first Android-compatible technology for a licensed DSP, Tensilica HiFi Audio Tunneling for Android takes full advantage of the audio tunneling enhancements beginning with the KitKat release to prolong battery life in smartphones and mobile devices. These features are carried forward in the Lollipop and Marshmallow releases.  The solution can cut audio processing power by up to 14X, which results in double the smartphone playback time.

The Tensilica HiFi DSP is production proven for ultra-low power audio and voice functions in mobile devices. It has a well-supported ecosystem with over 175 proven audio/voice software packages and over 80 partners.