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Blu-ray Disc Players and Set-Top Boxes

Blu-ray Disc™ players and recorders require extensive digital signal processing—and Cadence® Tensilica® dataplane processors are right in there, doing the heavy DSP processing. Just look at the things that need to be engineered in a Blu-ray Disc player:

See some of the Blu-ray Disc players and set-top boxes that include Tensilica DPUs.

Where's Cadence in Blu-ray Disc Players and Set-Top Boxes?

Audio Processing

  • Single core for complex Blu-ray playback
  • Low-power
  • All the necessary codecs from Dolby, DTS, others

Video/Graphics Processing

  • Provide menu graphics and gaming support
  • Video stream and post-processing


  • Used in PHY and MAC layer
  • Efficient turbocoding, OFDM filters, FFT, Viterbi


  • Implement complex security algorithms
  • Prevent pirating
  • Ensure people see what they pay for

Wireless Speaker

  • Provide digital signal processing requirements
  • Do the audio decoding
  • Run efficient effects processing

Audio Processing

All of the mandatory and optional multi-channel codecs for Blu-ray Disc players, including those from Dolby and DTS, can be run on a single HiFi Audio DSP, greatly simplifying system design and saving valuable power and real estate over multiple DSPs. See our Audio, Voice, and Speech section.

Video/Graphics Processing

Tensilica DPUs can be used for video post-processing for blocks such as scalars, de-interlacers and image filters. And Tensilica DPUs can provide the 2D and 3D graphics support required to drive the TV menu system and play games. See our Xtensa® product section.


It's essential to implement complex security algorithms in a processor in case these algorithms need to be changed. These algorithms are often used throughout the digital TV so people can't pirate copyrighted media and consumer can't access channels for which they haven't paid. See our Xtensa product section.


Tensilica DPUs can be used in both the PHY- and MAC-layer processing for efficient turbocoding, OFDM filters, FFT, and Viterbi engines. See our Baseband and RF Signal Processing section.

Applications Processing

Each subsystem often requires an embedded controller. Why not stay with Tensilica, and use our Xtensa processors to do the subsystem control? You can see example configurations of our Xtensa DPUs for control.

Wireless Speaker

Tensilica DPUs can provide the wireless DSP signal processing as well as the audio decoding and effects processing for wireless speakers. See our Audio, Voice, and Speech section.

Tensilica Customers in Blu-ray Disc Players and Set-Top Boxes

Please see our Customer Success section to see more about our customers in Blu-ray Disc players.