Automotive IP Solution Resources

Cadence IP solutions give automotive designers the tools to overcome design challenges, leading to greatly enhanced vehicle performance, efficiency, reliability, and safety.





Advanced Drivers Assistance Systems

Video Radar Signal Processing (Part 1)
Video Radar Signal Processing (Part 2)
Video DSP for Automotive Applications
Video Balancing Performance, low-power, and Functional Safety in ADAS Applications
Video Tensilica Vision DSP Stereo Camera-based Depth Mapping Demonstration
Video Tensilica Vision DSP and Almalence SuperSensor and Intelligent Image-Up Demonstration
Video Tensilica Vision DSP FPGA Neural Network Demonstration
Whitepaper Fixed and Floating FMCW Radar Signal Processing with Tensilica DSPs
Whitepaper Developing Smarter, Safer Cars with ADAS IP



Article DSPs Power Efficient Automotive Active Noise Control
Blog Cadence and Hardent Demonstrate High Resolution Display Interface for Automotive
Video Audio Streaming over Automotive Ethernet Demo using Cadence Tensilica IP
Video Next Generation Integrated Cockpits using Cadence Tensilica HiFi DSPs
Video Cadence Automotive IP Solutions for Infotainment Applications
White Paper

Developing Cost-Effective, Power Efficient Active Noise Control Applications with Dedicated DSPs

Article A Look at New Open Standards to Improve Reliability and Redundancy of Automotive Ethernet
Video Ethernet and Automotive Electronics
Video Where Ethernet Is Used in Automotive Electronics

Functional Safety



Video Functional Safety for Autonomous Driving
Video Functional Safety and the ISO 26262 Standard
Video Active Safety Features
Datasheet Tensilica Xtensa Processor
Datasheet Tensilica HiFi DSPs for Audio, Voice, and Speech
Datasheet Tensilica Vision DSPs for Imaging, Computer Vision, and Neural Networks
Datasheet Tensilica Fusion G3 DSPs for General-Purpose Applications
Datasheet Tensilica ConnX DSPs for Baseband and Communications
Datasheet Controller IP for Automotive Ethernet
Datasheet Controller and PHY for Octal SPI Flash and HyperFlash for Automotive