Active Noise Control (ANC)
Engine, road, wind noise cancellation
Radio, speech recognition,
gesture, touch-screen

Drive more safely, entertained and connected with Cadence Tensilica processor and Interface IP


Narrow- and wide-band wireless radio

Automated Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Vision, neural networks, radar

Automated Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Imaging, computer vision, neural networks, radar, lidar


Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) covers a broad range of functionality designed to provide a safer driving experience, augmenting a driver’s own abilities. With sights set on fully autonomous driving, these systems are paving the way to that reality, one system at a time. Cadence IP is available for all areas of ADAS with:

Infotainment Radio, speech recognition, gesture


Whether it’s navigation, hands-free calling or listening to music, this is the driver’s interface to the vehicle. Visual and audible cues tell the driver what’s going on; speech and gesture recognition make finding specific control buttons unnecessary. Cadence IP is available for all Infotainment DSP, control and interface needs here:

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Active Noise Control (ANC) Engine, road, wind noise cancellation


There’s a lot of unwanted noise generated by a vehicle coming from the engine, the road and the wind. Only so much can be done to dampen the noise physically, and this usually adds unwanted weight and cost. Technology comes to the rescue here with the ability to cancel out real noise inside the cabin. By monitoring the noise using microphones, the speakers can create anti-noise signals that add to the noise signals to reduce their volume considerably. Tensilica processors are already heavily used for audio applications and are being deployed here too. Cadence IP is available for all ANC DSP, control and interface needs here:

Vehicle-to-Vehicle Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Narrowband and wideband wireless radio


Getting information about the activities of other vehicles around you is a key part of making driving safer. There are short-range vehicle-2-vehicle communications that provide fast, real-time responses for handling intersection negotiations and potential collision avoidance. With longer-range vehicle-2-infrastructure communications, more global information about, say, upcoming accidents/detours can be used to choose a different route to your destination. Or it can stream a favorite movie to keep the children quiet. Cadence IP is available for all V2X DSP, control and interface needs here: