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Mobile and Network Infrastructure

Ideal for High-Throughput Applications

Mobile and network infrastructure designers need to deal with huge volumes of data processing in real time. Cadence® Tensilica® DPUs are ideal because they can be optimized to exactly fit the datapath and to efficiently process the data, particularly for PHY and MAC layer control and packet processing, for the best power, performance, and area results.

See all the infrastructure products that Tensilica DSPs and DPUs have been designed into.


  • Ideal for FFT, MIMO, RAKE and more
  • Low-power, efficient DSP


  • Packet offload and other MAC-layer tasks
  • Also can perform control functions


  • Implement complex security algorithms
  • Adapt quickly to changes
  • Perform valuable control functions


  • Efficient pre- and post-processing
  • Create highest quality speech environment


Tensilica DPUs are ideal for the intense data processing requirements in the PHY layer. This includes DSP functions as well as functions that must be offloaded to separate accelerators such as the FFT, MIMO, RAKE, and others. See our Baseband and RF Signal Processing section.


Tensilica DPUs are used for packet offload and other MAC-layer tasks. See our Baseband and RF Signal Processing section.


Tensilica DPUs are used as security processors in networks because they can be designed with special hardware instructions that can’t be easily copied by any other company. The ability to modify the processor can give security applications a lot of natural advantages. See our Xtensa processor section.

Applications Processing

Because our DPUs are all based on a minimal 32-bit RISC architecture, they’re also very good at control tasks. Many companies use them. See our Diamond Standard section for representative control configurations.


Tensilica HiFi Audio DSPs support the voice standards used in VoIP. We also have codecs for noise suppression and other important functions. See the Audio, Speech and Voice section.

Tensilica Infrastructure Customers

Tensilica DPUs and DSPs have been designed into many high-speed networking and telecom infrastructure products. See what our customers are working on.

Tensilica Inside

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