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Tensilica University Program Licensing Policy


Cadence's objectives and goals in supporting a formal and streamlined University Licensing Program are: to promote use of our Tensilica® technology in curriculum; to further the usage of our technology in research and development; and to strengthen the relationship between Cadence and faculty and students in higher education.


Tensilica University License Program terms:

  • No licensing fee
  • Term is for 365 days
  • License may be renewed every 365 days with Cadence's approval
  • Prior to the semi annual or annual renewal period, the university representative(s) shall submit a report
    - Explaining how the tools are used in classroom or research
    - Providing success stories and feedback on projects
    - Providing feedback on tools or documentation
  • Publicity, disclosure, or publication of Tensilica product-related material requires pre-approval from Cadence
  • Terms and conditions are fixed, and no changes are permitted to the standard University License Agreement

Account Privileges

  • Software-only Tensilica Xtensa® Processor Generator access
  • Vectra LX DSP engine and Xtensa HiFi2 access
  • One Xtensa Processor Generator account login
  • Up to five sub-account logins with separate passwords
  • 10 seats for Cadence's Xtensa Software Developers Toolkit (XCC Compiler, Xtensa Instruction Set Simulator (ISS) with Xtensa Modeling Protocol (XTMP), GNU toolchain, Xtensa Xplorer - Standard edition)
  • 10 seats for Xtensa Processor Developers Toolkit (Xtensa Xplorer - Processor Developer's Edition, TIE Compiler, XPRES Compiler)
  • No hardware RTL access permitted
  • No Xtensa Emulation Kit support

Support and Training

  • Web-based self-help, knowledge based, and documentation
  • Tensilica Users Discussion Forum - tensilicausers@yahoogroups.com.
  • E-mail or live phone support not included

Appropriate Signatory

The Tensilica University License is an agreement between Cadence and an institution of higher education. The signatory of the license should be the head of the department, and must be a full-time professor or other administrator of the University with authority to sign on behalf of the institution. Individuals, either faculty or students, may not enter into the University License for their own personal use.