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Other Products Employing Cadence Tensilica Processors

Microsoft HoloLens

Microsoft HoloLens - Tensilica-powered Holographic Processing Unit

Microsoft created customized Tensilica processors for the Holographic Processing Unit (HPU) in order to meet the performance and energy contraints that this battery-powered headset requires. They include 24 of the custom processors in the ASIC and claim a 200x speed-up compared to the unaccelerated version. See more here.

 Validity Fingerprint Sensors

Validity fingerprint sensor

Validity is using two Tensilica® customizable processors in their high-volume fingerprint sensors.

HD Radio 

JVC car stereo

Ibiquity Digital, owner of HD Radio, is a Value Added Reseller, so every new HD Radio includes  HiFi Audio.


NXP Semiconductors - Automotive SDR

NXP car2x

NXP Semiconductors is using our ConnX Baseband Engine DSP in its automotive multi-standard software-defined radio innovation platform, a highly flexible baseband processor for satellite and terrestrial digital radio and mobile HDTV as well as car2X communications.


NXP Semiconductors - First Single-Chip Multi-Tuner Car Radio IC


NXP Semiconductors is using the HiFi Audio DSP in the industry’s first multi-tuner RFCMOS one-chip with embedded AM, FM, and DAB tuners. With improved audio processing power from the HiFi Audio DSP, the NXP SAF775X achieves excellent reception and performance. See NXP's press release.


Stretch Software Configurable Chips

Stretch, Inc. has licensed Xtensa microprocessor technology and HiFi Audio technology for its S6000 and S7000 series, which can be tailored automatically by software programmers to address any emerging compute requirements in applications as diverse as consumer, medical imaging, military, and networking equipment.

Stretch Video Add-In Cards

Stretch has utilized its technology to develop several add-in cards for video surveillance OEMs, including the world's first high-definition CVR add-in card, which provides full frame rate high-definition video with multiple video codecs, including H.264. See Stretch's web site for up-to-date product information.

Stretch VRC6404HD

Stretch VRC6404HD High-Definition PCIe DVR add-in card.