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Interface IP Datasheets Ethernet, MIPI, PCI Express, and USB datasheets

Ethernet IP Datasheets

10/100/1000Base-T Triple Ethernet PHY Datasheet
10/100Mb Ethernet Hard Macro Datasheet
10G-KR Multi-Protocol PHY IP Datasheet
Ethernet 10/100/1000M MAC/PCS (GEM) IP Datasheet
Ethernet 10/40G MAC (XGM) IP Datasheet
Ethernet 10GBASE-R PCS (PCSR) IP Datasheet
Ethernet 40/100G MAC (CGM) IP Datasheet
Ethernet 40/100GBASE-R PCS (PCSCG) IP Datasheet
Ethernet 40GBASE-R PCS (PCSXL) IP Datasheet
Ethernet Automotive MAC IP Datasheet
Ethernet Backplane Auto-Negotiation (BEAN) IP Datasheet
Ethernet Multi-Port (EMP) Integrated Solution IP Datasheet
Ethernet Multi-Port (EMP) Subsystem IP Datasheet
Ethernet Quad Serial Gigabit Media Independent Interface (QSGMII) IP Datasheet
Ethernet XAUI Physical Coding Sublayer (PCS) IP Datasheet
Ethernet XAUI20 Physical Coding Sublayer (PCS) IP Datasheet

MIPI IP Datasheets

MIPI CSI-2 Receiver IP Datasheet
MIPI CSI-2 Transmitter Datasheet
MIPI D-PHY IP Datasheet
MIPI DSI Transmitter IP Datasheet
MIPI DigRFv4 Controller IP Datasheet
MIPI M-PHY IP TSMC 28HPL Process Datasheet
MIPI M-PHY IP TSMC 28HPM Process Datasheet
MIPI M-PHY IP TSMC 40LP Process Datasheet
MIPI M-PHY IP TSMC 65LP Process Datasheet
MIPI SLIMbus Device Controller IP Datasheet
MIPI SLIMbus Manager Controller IP Datasheet
MIPI UniPro IP data sheet

PCI Express IP Datasheets

Controller IP for M-PCIe Datasheet
Controller IP for PCIe Gen1/2 Datasheet
Controller IP for PCIe Gen3 Datasheet
Integrated Solution IP for PCIe Gen 3, TSMC 28HPM Process Datasheet
PHY IP for PCIe Gen3 TSMC 28HPM Process Datasheet
Subsystem IP for M-PCIe Datasheet

USB IP Datasheets

USB 2.0 Full-Speed Peripheral Device Controller IP Datasheet
USB 2.0 HSIC PHY Interface IP Datasheet
USB 2.0 High-Speed Embedded Host Controller IP Datasheet
USB 2.0 High-Speed Hub Controller IP Datasheet
USB 2.0 High-Speed On-The-Go Controller IP Datasheet
USB 2.0 High-Speed Peripheral Device Controller IP Datasheet
USB 2.0 OTG PHY IP TSMC 28HPM Process Datasheet
USB 2.0 PHY IP TSMC T28LP Process Datasheet
USB 3.0 SuperSpeed PHY IP TSMC 28HPM Process Datasheet
USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Peripheral Controller IP Datasheet
USB 3.0 xHCI Host Controller IP Datasheet
USB 3.0/2.0 Combo PHY IP TSMC 28HPM Process Datasheet

Display IP Datasheets

DisplayPort Receiver Datasheet
HDMI 1.4 Receiver Subsystem Datasheet
HDMI 1.4 Transmitter Subsystem Datasheet
HDMI 2.0 Receiver Subsystem Subsystem Datasheet
HDMI 2.0 Transmitter Subsystem Datasheet
MHL Receiver Subsystem Datasheet

Memory IP Datasheets DDR/LPDDR, NAND Flash, SD/SDIO/eMMC, and advanced memory datasheets

Analog IP Datasheets ADC, DAC, AFE, Clock, and Power/Sensors datasheets

Analog-to-Digital Converter IP Datasheets

ADC 10b, 160MS/s Datasheet, IP9030C
ADC 8b, 20MS/s Datasheet, IP9000C IP9001C, IP9002C, IP9003C, IP9004C, IP9005C
ADC dual 10b, 80MS/s, Multi-Node Datasheet, IP9024C, IP9025C, IP9026C, IP9027C, IP9028C, IP9029C
ADC dual 11-bit, 1.5GS/s, TSMC 28HPM Process Datasheet, IP9934
ADC dual 12b, 125MS/s, Multi-Node Datasheet, IP9047C, IP9048C
ADC dual 12b, 62MS/s, Multi-Node Datasheet, IP9045C, IP9046C
ADC dual 6-bit, 2.6GS/s TSMC 65LP Process Datasheet, IP9904
ADC dual 7-bit, 3GS/s, TSMC 28HPM Process Datasheet, IP9931
ADC octal 10b, 1MS/s, Multi-Node Datasheet, IP9006C, IP9007C, IP9008C, IP9009C
ADC octal 10b, 2MS/s Datasheet, IP9011C
ADC octal 12b, 2MS/s, Multi-Node Datasheet, IP9040C, IP9042C, IP9043C, IP9044C
ADC octal, 10b, 1MS/s Datasheet, IP9032C, IP9033C, IP9034C

Digital-to-Analog Converter IP Datasheets

DAC 12-bit, 1MHz, T28HPM Process Datasheet, IP9122C
DAC 12-bit, 250MHz, U40LP Process Datasheet, IP9118C
DAC 12b, 1MHz, U40LP Process Datasheet, IP9111C
DAC 8-bit, 20MHz, GF65LPe Process Datasheet, IP9103C
DAC Dual 10-bit, 80MHz, GF55LPe Process Datasheet, IP9105C, IP9107C
DAC Dual 12-bit, 125MHz, T65LP Process Datasheet, IP9112C
DAC Dual 12-bit, 160MHz, GF65LPe Process Datasheet, IP9113C
DAC Dual 12-bit, 210MHz, GF28SLP Process Datasheet, IP9116C
DAC Dual 12-bit, 210MHz, T65LP Process Datasheet, IP9115C
DAC Triple 12-bit, 250MHz, GF28SLP Process Datasheet, IP9126C
DAC dual 12-bit, 2GHz, TSMC 28HPM Process Datasheet, IP9935
DAC dual 14-bit, 650MHz, TSMC 65LP Process Datasheet, IP9912
DAC dual 6-bit, 2.6GHz, TSMC 65LP Process Datasheet, IP9910
DAC dual 7-bit, 3GHz, TSMC 28HPM Process Datasheet, IP9932

Analog Front-End IP Datasheets

AFE 802.11n/ac/ad Tri-Band TSMC 28HPM/HPC Process, IP9936
AFE WLAN, WIMAX, GF28SLP Process Datasheet, IP9050C
AFE WLAN, WIMAX, GFLP3, T65LP, T40LP Process Datasheet, IP9055C
AFE WLAN, WMAX, LTE, UMC40LP Process Datasheet, IP9049C
AFE dual 11-bit, 650MHz, TSMC 65LP Process Datasheet, IP9901
AFE dual 6-bit, 2.6GHz, TSMC 65LP Process Datasheet, IP9900

Clock IP

Analog Phase-Locked Loop Datasheet, IP9205C, IP9208C, IP9210C, IP9212C
Digital Phase-Locked Loop Datasheet, IP9216C, IP9217C, IP9218C, IP9220C, IP9221C, IP9222C, IP9223C, IP9224C, IP9225C
Digital Spread Spectrum Phase-Locked Loop Datasheet, IP9207C, IP9209C, IP9211C, IP9213C, IP9227C

Power/Sensors IP

LDO Dropout Voltage Regulator Datasheet, IP9327C, IP9333C, IP9337C
Low Dropout Linear Voltage Regulator Datasheet, IP9310C, IP9311C
Low Dropout Voltage Regulator Datasheet, IP9318C-IP9321C, IP9323C-IP9325C, IP9328C, IP9331C-IP9332C, IP9336C, IP9374C
Low Dropout Voltage Regulator Datasheet, IP9334C
Low Dropout Voltage Regulator for RTC Applications Datasheet, IP9340C
Programmable POR Voltage Monitor Datasheet, IP9301C, IP9303C, IP9326C, IP9338C, IP9373C, IP9373C
Programmable POR Voltage Monitor Datasheet, IP9330C, IP9339C
Programmable POR Voltage Monitor, TSMC 65GP Process Datasheet, IP9302C

Systems/Peripherals IP Timers, microprocessors, and bus IP

Bus and Audio IP Datasheets

32-bit APB Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) IP Datasheet
AHB to APB Bridge (AHB2APB) IP Datasheet
Advanced High-Performance Bus Controller (AHBC) IP Datasheet
Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller (APIC) IP Datasheet
General Purpose I/O (GPIO) IP Datasheet
I2C High-Speed Bus Controller (I2C-HS) IP Datasheet
I2S Multi-Channel Inter-IC Sound Bus Controller (I2S-MC) IP Datasheet
I2S Single Channel Inter-IC Sound Bus Controller (I2S-SC) IP Datasheet
Inter Integrated Circuit (I2C) IP Datasheet
Sony/Philips Digital Interface Controller (S/PDIF) IP Datasheet
Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter (UART) IP Datasheet

Microprocessor IP Datasheets

32-bit MC68000-compatible Microprocessor (32-bit C68000) IP Datasheet
80C186EA ISA-compliant Microcontroller (C80186EA) IP Datasheet
80C186EC-compatible Microcontroller (C80186EC) IP Datasheet
80C186XL ISA-compliant Microcontroller (C80186XL) IP Datasheet
80C188EC-compatible Microcontroller (C80188EC) IP Datasheet
EASE-80251 IP Datasheet
EASE-8051 IP Datasheet
MC68000–compatible Microprocessor (C68000) IP Datasheet
R80251XC Microcontroller IP Datasheet
R8051XC2 Microcontroller IP Datasheet
T8051 Microcontroller IP Datasheet
TMS320C25-compatible Digital Signal Processor (C32025TX) IP Datasheet
Z80-compatible Microprocessor (CZ80CPU) IP Datasheet
i387SX-compatible 80-bit Math Coprocessor (C387L) IP Datasheet

Timer IP Datasheets

Pulse Width Modulator (PWM) IP Datasheet
Real Time Clock (RTC) IP Datasheet
Triple Timer Counter (TTC) IP Datasheet
Watchdog Timer (WDT) IP Datasheet

Tensilica IP Xtensa, ConnX, and HiFi Datasheets

Verification IP Verification IP Datasheets

AMBA 4 ACE Accelerated VIP Datasheet
AMBA 4 ACE Assertion-based VIP Datasheet
AMBA 4 ACE Simulation VIP Datasheet
AMBA 4 Stream Simulation VIP Datasheet
AMBA 5 CHI Simulation VIP Datasheet
AMBA AHB Accelerated VIP Datasheet
AMBA AHB Assertion-based VIP Datasheet
AMBA AHB Simulation VIP Datasheet
AMBA APB Accelerated VIP Datasheet
AMBA AXI Accelerated VIP Datasheet
AMBA AXI Assertion-based VIP Datasheet
CAN Simulation VIP Datasheet
DDR3 Memory Model Datasheet
DDR4 LRDIMM Memory Model Datasheet
DDR4 Memory Model Datasheet
DFI Assertion-based VIP Datasheet
DisplayPort Simulation VIP Datasheet
Ethernet 10/100/1G/10G Accelerated VIP Datasheet
Ethernet 10/100/1G/10G Simulation VIP Datasheet
Ethernet 40G/100G Accelerated VIP Datasheet
Ethernet 40G/100G Simulation VIP Datasheet
Flash ONFi Memory Model Datasheet
Flash PPN DDR Memory Model Datasheet
Flash Toggle NAND 2 Memory Model Datasheet
HDMI 1.4 Accelerated VIP Datasheet
HDMI 1.4 Simulation VIP Datasheet
HDMI 2.0 Simulation VIP Datasheet
High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) Memory Model Datasheet
Hybrid Memory Cube (HMC) Memory Model Datasheet
I2C Accelerated VIP Datasheet
I2C Simulation VIP Datasheet
I2S Accelerated VIP Datasheet
Interconnect Solution Datasheet
JTAG Simulation VIP Datasheet
Keypad Accelerated VIP Datasheet
LIN Simulation VIP Datasheet
LPDDR3 Memory Model Datasheet
LPDDR4 Memory Model Datasheet
LRDIMM Memory Model Datasheet
MIPI C-PHY Simulation VIP Datasheet
MIPI CSI-2 Accelerated VIP Datasheet
MIPI CSI-2 Simulation VIP Datasheet
MIPI CSI-3 Simulation VIP Datasheet
MIPI DBI Accelerated VIP Datasheet
MIPI DSI Accelerated VIP Datasheet
MIPI DSI Simulation VIP Datasheet
MIPI DigRF Simulation VIP Datasheet
MIPI Family Brochure
MIPI LLI Simulation VIP Datasheet
MIPI M-PHY Simulation VIP Datasheet
MIPI SLIMbus Simulation VIP Datasheet
MIPI Soundwire Simulation VIP Datasheet
MIPI UniPro Simulation VIP Datasheet
Memory Model Family Brochure
Memory Model Portfolio Datasheet
Memory Model Portfolio datasheet
Mobile Definition Link (MHL) Simulation VIP Datasheet
Mobile PCI Express Simulation VIP Datasheet
NVM Express Simulation VIP Datasheet
OCP 2.2 Simulation VIP Datasheet
OCP 3.0 Simulation VIP Datasheet
OCP Assertion-based VIP Datasheet
PCI Express Gen2 Simulation VIP Datasheet
PCI Express Gen2/Gen3 Accelerated VIP Datasheet
PCI Express Gen3 Simulation VIP Datasheet
PCI Express Gen4 Simulation VIP Datasheet
PCI Simulation VIP Datasheet
PCIe Family Brochure
PCIe MR-IOV Simulation VIP Datasheet
PCIe SR-IOV Simulation VIP Datasheet
PLB 6 Simulation VIP Datasheet
PureView Productivity Tools Datasheet
SAS 12G Simulation VIP Datasheet
SAS 6G Simulation VIP Datasheet
SATA 6G Accelerated VIP Datasheet
SATA 6G Simulation VIP Datasheet
SD Card 4.0 Memory Model Datasheet
SIMCARD Accelerated VIP Datasheet
SRIO Simulation VIP Datasheet
SSIC Simulation VIP Datasheet
TripleCheck for Ethernet 40G/100G Productivity Tools Datasheet
TripleCheck for PCIe Productivity Tools Datasheet
UART Simulation VIP Datasheet
UFS 2.0 Memory Model Datasheet
USB 2.2 Simulation VIP Datasheet
USB 3.0 Simulation VIP Datasheet
VIP Catalog
VIP Catalog Brochure
Wide I/O 2 Memory Model Datasheet
Wide I/O Memory Model Datasheet
eMMC 4.5 Memory Model Datasheet
eMMC 5.0 Memory Model Datasheet